Display and Analysis Web Pages for PSL Climate Data

Help Page

By selecting the various options, you will get a list of subset of the PSL webpages that match your analysis criteria.

Type of Analysis
Select the general type of analysis or data type you wish to plot.
Not all datasets are listed. For a complete list and for more desription, go to our datasets listing page.
Common or "important" variables are listed. For a complete list of variables, see the search and plot page.
Time scale of data.
Enter desired time scale. Note that some tools allow averaging over times so the time scale is often the shortest that is available.
Time range of data.
This shows which datasets maintain recent values and which are old. Some datasets are not updated and some have recent but too recent data.

Known Bug

I didn't use a database to construct the table. Hence, you will sometimes get pages returned that will not be able to do what you requested. For example, asking for pre 1948 data and NCEP operational data will return the search and plot page. The page plots both since it plots many datasets but there is no operational data before 1948. All pages that match part of your criteria will be returned, however. We will work on this problem.