Kiritimati Island Radiosonde SkewT Browser

Selected Date & Time:   2016/01/26 12Z
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Plots show the data collected by the ascending weather balloons. Data have been processed to Level 2 (reprocessed with corrected and time-matched surface observations, and subject to automated quality-control checks) and are considered to be of research quality. File names contain the string 2016MMDDHHNN (MM=Month, DD=Day, HH=Hour, NN=Minute). This is the launch time (UTC); in most cases this is 30-45 minutes before the standard 0000 UTC or 1200 UTC nominal observation times.

Information on radiosondes is available from the NWS. Find out how to read a skewT plot. For these plots, the wind speed is in Knots (1 m/s = 1.9438 Knots).

Plots are from radiosonde observations taken as part of the NOAA El Niño Rapid Response (ENRR) Field Campaign. More information about this radiosonde collection including citation, metadata, and complete access information is available from the ENRR data portal page from the Kiritimati Island tab. Sonde data starts 1/26/2016 12Z and ends 3/28/2016 00Z.

Plots are drawn using NCAR's NCL skew-T software routines. NCL is a freely available meterological analysis/plotting software package from NCAR.