NOAA PSL GEFS Reforecast Version 2

These NOAA PSL GEFS Reforecast Version 2 webpages will no longer be available after November 30, 2020. See the note below on access to the new version.


The NOAA Physical Sciences Laboratory 2nd-generation Reforecast Project has produced a dataset of historical weather forecasts generated with a fixed numerical model, using the 2012 version of NCEP's Global Ensemble Forecasting System (GEFS, Version 10). This Reforecast V2 dataset consists of an 11-member ensemble of forecasts, produced every day from 00 UTC initial conditions from Dec 1984 to present. The horizontal resolution of GEFS is T254 (about 50 km) out to 8 days, and T190 (about 70 km) from 8-16 days. Real-time forecasts are ongoing.

Among the advantages associated with this long reforecast dataset is that model forecast errors can be diagnosed from the past forecasts and corrected, thereby dramatically increasing the forecast skill. Past results have shown that the improvements may be particularly large for medium-range forecasts and for forecasts of relatively uncommon events such as heavy precipitation.

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