PSL Map Room Climate Products

MOST RECENT 90 DAYS AAM w/ Seasonal Cycle

We have made the decision to remove the AAM and GWO products from PSL website. These were research products, and the scientist who supported the pages has retired. We have no one currently at PSL who can support this activity.

You can access the code via after emailing to restore the files/. However we cannot support the code in any way.

For those wishing to develop their own AAM products, these papers may be helpful:

  • Egger J., K. M. Weickmann and K.-P. Hoinka (December 2007): Angular momentum in the global atmospheric circulation. Rev. Geophys., 45, RG4007,
  • Egger J. and K. Weickmann (April 2007): Latitude–Height Structure of the Atmospheric Angular Momentum Cycle Associated with the Madden–Julian Oscillation. Mon. Weather Rev., 135 (4), 1564-1575,
  • Weickmann K. and E. Berry (February 2007): A Synoptic–Dynamic Model of Subseasonal Atmospheric Variability. Mon. Weather Rev., 135 (2), 449-474,