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Andrea Ray
Andrea Ray (Credit: Will von Dauster, NOAA)

Andrea Ray recipient of NOAA General Counsel award

August 5, 2014

Dr. Andrea Ray, of the ESRL's Physical Sciences Division (PSL), is one of the recipients of a NOAA General Counsel group award “for exceptional performance and significant contributions to the Office of the General Counsel.” The Susitna River Hydropower Project Team is recognized for its outstanding work in identifying the need for important climate studies in the Alaska Susitna River Hydropower Project licensing process, and for prevailing on NOAA’s request to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that these studies be conducted. The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) needs these studies in order to understand potential effects of the project on resources NMFS has statutory responsibilities for, to adequately prepare an develop effective measures to protect those resources if the project goes forward. In addition to Ray, the Susitna River Hydropower Project Team includes NMFS personnel: Jeanne Hanson, Kathryn Kempton, Sean McDermott, Tom Meyer and Susan Walker.

Ray is a physical scientist at PSL who works to connect climate knowledge to applications. Her research interests include applied studies of decisionmaker needs for climate information, including projects to develop climate analysis and knowledge to support needs of water, ecosystem, and public lands management.