Acknowledgments & Contacts

The time and effort of many people went into this project. Thanks and appreciation are due to the following people:

  • Jorgeann Hiebert for making it all possible.
  • Bob Kropfli for support and resources.
  • Brooks Martner for radar expertise and images.
  • Timothy Schneider and Shelby Frisch for the inspiration and guidance.
  • Wendi Madsen and Duane Hazen for technical support and help with display. Duane constructed the temperature control box for the convection cell.
  • Ann Keane for computer and web expertise.
  • Gregory Byrne for help with NASA images.
  • Judy McPherson for helpful comments and moral support.


These pages were created by Jessica Koury and Timothy Schneider.

Timothy Schneider
NOAA Earth System Research Laboratories
Physical Sciences Laboratory

PHONE: (303) 497-5160
FAX: (303) 497-6181

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