Lesley L. Smith


Research Associate


Attribution and Predictability Assessments Team




(303) 497-6172


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Tests related to El Nino Rapid Response GFS Data

Divergent wind for 20151201-20160215 inclusive:
GFS 0Z 0h Forecast minus 18Z 6h Forecast

GFS 0Z 3h Forecast minus 18Z 9h Forecast

GFS 0Z 6h Forecast minus 18Z 12h Forecast

GFS 0Z 12h Forecast minus 18Z 18h Forecast

GFS 0Z 24h Forecast minus 18Z 30h Forecast

GFS 0Z 36h Forecast minus 18Z 42h Forecast

GFS 0Z 48h Forecast minus 18Z 54h Forecast


All divergent wind speed results on this page involve calculations with the zonal and meridional components of the divergent winds.