Data, Instrumentation, and Field Campaigns

The Earth's weather and climate is made up of complex interconnections between the atmosphere, ocean, land, and ice, which are influenced by many factors including the seasons, land-sea interactions, and topography. Accurate, long-term observations and readily-available information are critical for furthering understanding of the Earth system, improving forecast models, and making informed decisions about weather and climate extremes.

What We Do

To facilitate weather, water, and climate research, PSL's Data, Instrumentation, and Field Campaigns Division contributes decades of expertise in developing and deploying state-of-the-art instruments, and providing online data access and web tools. We participate in local, national, and international field campaigns that bring together scientists from around the world using instruments deployed on the ground, aboard ships, atop ice, and in the air or water. We collaborate with modelers who are interested in verifying and/or improving how physical processes are simulated by models.

Research Activities

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Publication Highlight

Rain Drop Size Distributions Estimated from NOAA Snow-Level Radar Data, By Paul Johnston (PSL/CIRES) et al., 2022, J. Atmos. Ocean. Technol.  Learn more

A snow-level radar deployed in the field


Allen White

Allen White

Chief, Data, Instrumentation, and Field Campaigns Division

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