Research Teams

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Atmosphere-Ocean Processes

Investigating the roles of ocean processes, air-sea interaction, and tropical-extratropical exchanges on climate variability.
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Attribution and Predictability Assessments

Identifying the causes of extremes in weather and climate, the conditions under which they are predictable, and improving their prediction.

Boundary Layer Observations and Processes

Advancing the understanding of atmospheric boundary-layer processes.
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Dynamics and Multiscale Interactions

Understanding and predicting variations and trends in weather, water, and climate, with an emphasis on extremes.
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Forecast and Modeling Development

Research and development to improve NOAA operational forecast products.
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Hydrometeorology Modeling and Applications

Advancing hydrometeorology methods, models and applications to address weather, climate, and water extremes.
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Hydrometeorology Observations and Processes

Improving precipitation and streamflow predictions through improved observations and understanding of hydrometeorological phenomena.
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Polar Observations and Processes

Improving Polar climate prediction and sea ice/weather forecasting in Earth's Polar regions.