CDC Seminars: 2004

Note: All seminars were at the David Skaggs Research Center unless specifically noted otherwise. A list of current PSL seminars is also available.

Date Title Speaker Time/Room
15 December, 2004 The role of land surface processes in local, regional and global weather and climate

Roger Pielke, Sr., CSU 2 PM/1D 403

Refreshments at 1:50

8 December, 2004 The MJO problem in GCMs: What are the missing physics

Jia-Lin Lin, CDC 2 PM/1D 403

Refreshments at 1:50

7 December, 2004
Introduction to climate services in the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA)

Note Special Date and Time

Shotaro Tanaka
Scientific Officer,
Climate Prediction Division,
Japan Meteorological Agency
11:00 AM Room 1D 403

1 December, 2004 The Impact of Fluctuating Winds on the Dynamics and Predictability of Anomalous Midlatitude Sea Surface Temperatures

Philip Sura, CDC 2 PM/1D 403

Refreshments at 1:50

23 November, 2004 No Seminar -- Thanksgiving Week

17 November, 2004 Open

10 November, 2004 Indian monsoon variability and predictability

K. Krishna Kumar, CIRES Visiting Fellow 2 PM/1D 403

Refreshments at 1:50

3 November, 2004 Isolating El Niño

Cécile Penland, CDC 2 PM/1D 403

Refreshments at 1:50

27 October, 2004 Tropical plumes and extreme precipitation in West Africa: Moisture transports, precipitation generation and large-scale dynamic and diabatic processes

Peter Knippertz, Univ. of Wisconsin 2 PM/1D 403

Refreshments at 1:50

29 September, 2004 Downward coupling between the stratosphere and troposphere: The relative roles of wave and zonal mean processes

Judith Perlwitz, NASA 2 PM/1D 403

Refreshments at 1:50

22 September, 2004 Mesoscale wind divergence profiles in tropical convection

Brian Mapes, CDC 2 PM/1D 403

Refreshments at 1:50

8 September, 2004 Scientists' role in policy and politics: CCSP case study Susan Avery, Univeristy of Colorado 2 PM/1D 403

Refreshments at 1:50

14 July, 2004 Tropical origins for recent and future Northern Hemisphere climate change Frank Selten, KNMI 2 PM/1D 403

30 June, 2004 Simulation of tropical precipitation using the weak temperature gradient approximation to the Goddard cumulus ensemble model Cristina Perez, IRI 2 PM/1D 403

23 June, 2004 The May 2003 Extended Tornado Outbreak Tom Hamill, CDC 2 PM/1D 403

26 May, 2004 Detection and attribution of 20th century Africa drying Marty Hoerling, CDC 2 PM/1D 403

19 May, 2004 Representing cloud sub-gridscale variability in large-scale models Robert Pincus, CDC 2 PM/1D 403

12 May, 2004 Small-Scale Waves and Convection: Wave Generation by Convection and Convection Initiation by Waves Joan Alexander, CORA 2 PM/1D 403

5 May, 2004 Are the Subtropical-Tropical Cells responsible for decadal variability in the tropical Pacific? Antonietta Capotondi, CDC 2 PM/1D 403

28 Apr, 2004 Tropical Pacific decadal variability forced from the extratropics Amy Solomon, CDC 2 PM/1D 403

21 Apr, 2004 Ensemble Tree Ring Reconstructions of Streamflow in the Gunnison and the South Platte River Basins Robin Webb, CDC 2 PM/1D 403

14 Apr, 2004 The Status of Satellite-Based Climate Rainfall Observations Wes Berg, Colorado State University 2 PM/1D 403

13 Apr, 2004
(Note: special date)
The relationship between the Madden Julian Oscillation and Kelvin waves in the Pacific Ocean during El Nino development Paul Roundy, Colorado CIRES 2 PM/1D 403

7 Apr, 2004 Exploring the subseasonal weather-climate connection Klaus Weickmann, CDC 2 PM/1D 403

31 Mar, 2004 Corrective dynamics for atmospheric single column models (Spectacles for a far-sighted model) John Bergman, CDC 2 PM/1D 403

17 Mar, 2004 High-frequency aspects of the mean annual cycle Brian Mapes, CDC 2 PM/1D 403

10 Mar, 2004 Was there a flow reversal through the Panama Seaway in the early Miocene? Henk Dijkstra, Dept. of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University 2 PM/1D 403

3 Mar, 2004 Predictability of Anomalous Storm Tracks from Seasonal to Decadal Scales Gil compo, CDC 2 PM/1D 403

25 Feb, 2004 Tropical climate regimes and global change in a simple setting Joe Barsugli, CDC 2 PM/1D 403

18 Feb, 2004 Ensemble Forecasting with the Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter Xuguang Wang, The Pennsylvania State University 2 PM/1D 403