Meet Ben Moore

Ben Moore

Ben Moore is a CIRES researcher with PSL's Hydrometeorology Observations and Processes Team. At PSL, his research focuses on the atmospheric dynamics and predictability of extreme precipitation events over the western U.S. He combines observational and numerical modeling approaches to diagnose planetary, synoptic, and mesoscale processes that drive extreme precipitation events, with a particular focus on exceptionally long-duration, high-impact events linked to landfalling atmospheric rivers. He is currently conducting a multiscale investigation of serial long-duration extreme precipitation events that culminated in extraordinary seasonal precipitation totals throughout California during the winter of 2016–2017.

Ben’s career path prior to starting this position at PSL was somewhat circuitous. After earning his M.S. at the University at Albany/SUNY in 2010, he worked for three years as a CIRES researcher in PSL's former Water Cycle Branch. He then went back east to pursue his Ph.D. at the University at Albany, where he investigated the connection between Rossby wave breaking and extreme precipitation events in the U.S. He earned his Ph.D. in September 2017 and started at PSL in November 2017.

Outside of work, Ben greatly enjoys spending time outdoors mountain biking, hiking, and camping. In addition, he loves to read, learn, and travel.