Meet Jackson Osborn

Jackson Osborn

CIRES Associate Scientist, Jackson Osborn, began working at the Physical Sciences Laboratory (PSL) in February. His research interests include remote sensing, instrument development, and embedded programming. He hopes to contribute to upcoming projects by applying his knowledge and skill set with programming and sensor integration. He is currently working on sensor evaluation and calibration for the Air Deployable Micro Buoys (ADMB) project primarily with PSL’s Gijs de Boer, Paul Johnston, David Costa, Jesse Leach, Tom Ayers and CU associates. The ADMB is a sensor suite developed to measure temperature, salinity, surface atmospheric pressure and location in the upper ocean.

Jackson is a Colorado native and graduated in May 2017 from the University of Colorado Denver with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. Prior to joining PSL, he worked for nearly two years in ESRL’s Chemical Sciences Laboratory as a student assistant and temporary aide. While there, he worked in the Atmospheric Composition and Chemical Processes Team on software for the Printed Optical Particle Spectrometer (POPS), as well as IR sensor evaluation for determining wildfire perimeter and points of interest.

His life outside of the workplace includes enjoying the outdoors with family, snowboarding, hiking and camping. He also enjoys taking part in interactive techno-art when the opportunity arises.