Meet Sergey Frolov

James Duncan

CIRES researcher Sergey Frolov joined PSL's Forecast and Modeling Development Team in October 2019. Sergey’s expertise is in initialization and ensemble prediction of the coupled Earth System (ocean, atmosphere, and ice). At PSL, he is working on developing a data assimilation system for the Unified Forecast System and on the next generation of the NOAA coupled reanalysis. In addition to learning C++ and thinking about U.S. coupled re-analysis efforts, Sergey is fascinated by the problem of probabilistic forecasting. He believes that the breakthrough in the quality of the forecast can emerge from using formal data assimilation and machine learning methods to identify, correct, and simulate sources of model error in extended range coupled forecasts.

Prior to joining CIRES, Sergey worked on the development of the new sub-seasonal prediction system for the U.S. Navy. Specifically, he developed initialization of the coupled ensembles, implementation of the model error forcing, and the on-line bias correction method for the coupled model. Prior to his tenure with the Naval Research Lab he worked at the Monterey Bay Research Institute on autonomous observations of harmful algal blooms and at the Oregon Health and Science University on optimal management of hydrological resources for salmon fisheries. His research contributed to the negotiation of the US–Canada water-sharing treaty and the design of the US strategy for harmful algal bloom observations.

Outside of work Sergey is passionate about his family and communing with Colorado outdoors — either through skiing, running, biking, or climbing.