Meet Tse-Chun Chen

Tse-Chun Chen

CIRES researcher Tse-Chun Chen joined PSL's Forecast Modeling and Development team in September 2020. Tse-Chun has a background in data assimilation and recently expanded his skillset to machine learning. Tse-Chun is now working with PSL's Steve Penny, Jeff Whitaker, and Sergey Frolov on learning and correcting the systematic error of GFS-FV3 using the analysis increments from data assimilation. He is also actively exploring purely data-driven forecasting methods.

Tse-Chun was fascinated by atmospheric dynamics during his time at National Taiwan University as an undergraduate. He earned his Ph.D. in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences in 2018 at the University of Maryland, College Park. Tse-Chun's dissertation was on efficient estimation of the observational impact on data assimilation and short-term forecasts using ensemble forecast sensitivity to observations. He showed rejecting detrimental observations based on the estimated impact improves long-range forecasts.

In his leisure time, Tse-Chun enjoys hiking, watching animation, and playing fetch with his cat Dusty!