Meet Hsin-Yi Lin

Hsin-Yi Lin

CIRES researcher Hsin-Yi Lin joined PSL's Attribution and Predictabilitiy Assessments team in July 2020. Hsin-Yi is working with Steve Penny to develop machine learning techniques for forecasting. They explore different architectures in various ways to incorporate AI/ML methods with data assimilation, with the goal of enhancing and accelerating operational weather prediction.

Hsin-Yi earned her PhD in Mathematics in 2020 at University of Maryland, College Park. Her thesis studied transport phenomena in partial differential equations, including the dispersive property of scalar conservation laws, mixing flows, and the applications in mathematical modeling. Besides works in mathematics, she also explores machine learning applications and algorithms, ranging from neural networks, reinforcement learning, to unsupervised learning.

In her spare time, Hsin-Yi enjoys traveling, trying new food, jogging, biking, and watching movies.