Meet Jiale Lou

Jiale Lou

CIRES postdoctoral researcher Jiale Lou joined PSL’s Atmosphere–Ocean Processes Team in February 2021 working with Matt Newman, and Andy Hoell. Jiale’s main work focuses on seasonal to interannual climate predictions and predictability of some environmental conditions by using a series of empirical climate models such as model analogs and linear inverse models. By applying a model-analog technique, he has developed the climate hindcasts covering the entire twentieth century to evaluate the forecast skill evolution of SST in the tropics. He next plans to extend the method to investigate environmental conditions directly relevant to agriculture (e.g., precipitation, and soil moisture, etc.).

Prior to joining PSL, Jiale achieved his PhD degree in quantitative marine science at University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia, in 2021. His PhD thesis focused on the South Pacific Ocean climate dynamics and predictability. He achieved his M.S. degree in global environment change at Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China, where he developed a decadal variance decomposition method to separate the potentially predictable signal from the total variances on decadal timescales.

In his free time, Jiale enjoys oil painting, gardening, hiking, photography, and aquariums.