Meet Henry Winterbottom

Henry Winterbottom

CIRES researcher Henry Winterbottom (re-)joined PSL in July 2020 on the Forecast Modeling and Development team. Henry’s background mostly relates to tropical cyclone (TC) prediction and data assimilation. Prior to returning to PSL, Henry was a member of the NOAA Environmental Modeling Center operational HWRF data assimilation team and was actively involved in the Hurricane Analysis and Forecasting System (HAFS; the next generation of TC prediction models).

Currently Henry is working alongside colleagues on the development of the Unified Forecasting System (UFS) and next generation of the NOAA coupled renalysis. He is excited at the opportunity to expand the TC data assimilation capabilities within the UFS.

When not working, Henry enjoys spending time with his family and his dog. He also enjoys weightlifting and is passionate about Philadelphia sports.