Meet Zofia Stanley

Zofia Stanley

CIRES researcher Zofia Stanley joined PSL in September 2021 as part of what is now the Modeling and Data Assimilation Division. She is working to develop data assimilation systems for coupled models, in particular atmosphere-ocean and atmosphere-land models. She is developing a framework to study vertical localization for strongly coupled data assimilation. She is also working with Clara Draper to enable the assimilation of SMAP soil moisture observations into NOAA’s land surface modeling system.

Zofia obtained her Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2021. For her Ph.D. work, she developed theory for multi-scale localization in coupled data assimilation schemes and tested the theory using a low-dimensional coupled model. She also developed a stochastic correction to the nonlinear seawater equation of state which is now implemented in NOAA’s MOM6 ocean model.

Outside of work, Zofia enjoys skiing, running, hiking, and teaching her dog to “high-five”.