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PSL Technology Transfer

Recent Patents

  • Passive Polarimetric Microwave Radiometer for Detecting Aircraft Icing Conditions
  • Icing Hazard Avoidance System Using Dual Polarization Airborne Radar
  • Method and apparatus for an autonomous cloud radar
  • Wavelet filtering of sodar signals
  • Complete Patents List

Companies Formed by Former PSL (incl. ETL/WPL) Employees

  • ALLEN CARR ASSOCIATES, Boulder, Colorado (CODAR antennas)
  • CODAR Ocean Sensors, Los Altos, California - D. Barrick
  • CODAR Technology, Longmont, Colorado - M. Evans
  • COHERENT TECHNOLOGIES, Boulder, Colorado - M. Huffaker (Doppler Lidar)
  • MICROSECONDS, Boulder, Colorado - E. Owens (Computer equipment)
  • STC, Maryland - T. Wang (Precipitation Rain Sensors and spatial filter profilers with turbulence capabilities)

Companies or Product Lines Based on PSL Technology

  • AEROVIRONMENT, started new product line (acoustic sounder)
  • ARCTIC SCIENCES (acoustic current meters, from an ETL patent)
  • ATI, (B. Dagal, H. Zimmerman, sonic anemometers)
  • ATMOSPHERIC INSTRUMENTATION RESEARCH, INC., Boulder, Colorado (manufacturing ETL developed instruments)
  • CAMPBELL SCIENTIFIC, Utah (optical turbulence meters)
  • DOVE ELECTRONICS, Rome, New York (spatial filter profilers)
  • ERBTECH (manufactures radar systems based on ETL design)
  • GEOSPACE, Melbourne, Florida (manufactured ETL developed instruments)
  • GEOTECH, Garland, Texas (manufactured ETL developed instruments)
  • J. Hill (radiometers measuring Liquid water)
  • Kahl Scientific (licensed to manufacture ETL-developed instrument)
  • PANELTEC, INC. Boulder, Colorado (M. Reshetnik, antenna clutter screens for 915 profiler)
  • PARAMAX, Unisys, started new product line (404-MHz wind profiler and RASS)
  • QUALIMETRICS, Sacramento, California (manufacturing ETL developed instruments)
  • RADIAN CORPORATION, started new product line (915-MHz wind profiler and RASS)
  • RADIOMETRICS, Dual-channel radiometers
  • SONIC BOOM, Long Island, New York (manufacturing ETL developed instruments)
  • XONICS started new product line (acoustic sounder)