R&D Scoping and Framing Workshop, R&D Roadmap: Managing 
Western Water as Climate Changes, Knowledge Gaps and Initial Research Strategies and Projects

February 20-21, 2008
Denver Federal Center, Building 810
Powell Conference Room
Lakewood, CO


Reality: The ability to manage Western water supplies as climate changes will be highly dependent on research efforts supporting the development of information on the combined impacts of shorter term variability and projected changes.

Purpose: At a working level, this workshop will seek to establish a better understanding of the climate change science and information needs of Reclamation water operations and environmental compliance managers.

Background: Reclamation's R&D Office is working with NOAA and USGS scientists to develop a R&D Roadmap that could be used to guide current and future climate change R&D investments by Reclamation, NOAA, USGS, and others across the scientific community. This workshop will be our first step toward early engagement of the R&D end-user community to validate and shape the R&D roadmap. Eventually, we will seek input from other Western water managers at the state and local level as well as other federal agencies. A charter for the R&D workgroup and a short vision paper is attached for additional background.

Workshop materials will include: The R&D workgroup will provide the current draft of the R&D Roadmap to all participants by February 18th or sooner. The roadmap is a "works in progress." Reclamation's water operations and environmental compliance managers will provide an overview of the decisions and challenges they face in managing western water supplies, and their needs for better understanding climate change information and processes, to all workshop participants by February 18th or sooner.

Workshop Product: Workshop discussion and findings will be documented and provided to all participants. The draft R&D Roadmap being developed by the workgroup will be updated to reflect workshop findings and disseminated to all workshop participants

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