Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA)

The NOAA Physical Sciences Laboratory (PSL) is enriched by diverse perspectives, celebrating each other’s unique experience and expertise.

The people of PSL, and the intellectual capability they provide, are its greatest asset. As complexity grows and the pace of change and advancement in environmental science increases, our world-class workforce will continue to be important to the management of weather, water, and climate issues.

PSL, part of NOAA Research, has developed five strategies in response to NOAA’s changing operating landscape and the specific factors influencing the environmental science community. The 2020-2026 NOAA Research Strategy supports the delivery of NOAA Research’s goals and objectives, as well as the advancement of NOAA’s six science and technology focus areas.

One strategy focuses on “Develop the next-generation workforce,” which states:

NOAA Research will grow the leaders of tomorrow. With a focus on diversity and inclusion, NOAA Research will broaden its talent pool to reflect multidisciplinary skill sets. NOAA Research will develop leadership and management skill sets across the workforce to prepare for succession planning and the demands of the future.”

Read more about our 2020-2026 Research Strategy

NOAA Research remains committed to implementing programs and policies that encourage representation and participation of diverse groups of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We can do more to create opportunities for everyone, at all levels. We plan to lead by example and continue to focus on improved diversity and inclusion to make NOAA Research's scientific outcomes even stronger."

Craig McLean, Assistant Administrator, NOAA Research


If you'd like to learn more about NOAA and NOAA Research efforts to increase and improve knowledge and understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion issues, please follow these links for additional information: