Livneh Monthly/Seasonal Climate Composites

Plot seasonal composites (averages) of the mean or anomalies (mean - total mean) of Livneh variables. Data is available from Jan 1915 to Dec 2011.

The resolution of the LIVNEH dataset on this page is 4km. They make available a higher resolution version you can get at their website.
Note for states, choose "individual states" for map region and then the state.

? Which variable?
? Beginning month of season: Ending month:
? Enter years for composites (from 1 to 16): e.g. 1972. For seasons that span a year (e.g. DJF), please enter year of the LAST month.

To subtract one set of years from another, use a minus sign (-) before the years that are to be subtracted.

? OR Enter range of years: to (optional minus to )
? OR List of years: Enter filename:
? OR Years from values in Time Series:

If CUSTOM Time Series:

? Value to composite on:

Type of comparison:

? Lag: Plot composites for months before or after dates chosen
? Color? Shading:
? Plot type? Mean Anomaly Long Term Mean
? Scale plot size (%)   Plot contour labels? No Yes
? Reverse colorbar? No Yes Type of Fill? Shaded Block Fill
? Override default contour interval? Interval: Range: low high
? Map Region

If CUSTOM map region:
Lowest lat: (-90 to 90) Highest lat:
Western-most longitude (0 to 360): Eastern-most longitude:
CUSTOM projection:

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