Tidal Data at different stations

Values are monthly and are from as early as 1807. -9999 is missing. Data has been updated and ends as late as 2023. Originally from https://www.psmsl.org/data/obtaining/ using the rlrdata version. Reformatted to work on PSL's timeseries and correlation webpages. Units are mm. Original data has 7000mm added. We have subtracted that out at PSL.. See the documentation at the PSMSL website. Please read their doc and give proper credit if you use the data. You can use these on the PSL webpages following these directions.
  1. Save a file as text locally
  2. Upload via ftp to ftp2.psl.noaa.gov
  3. cd Public/incoming/timeseries
  4. put file you saved
  5. On WRIT Tools time-series and correlation, use "Pregenerated", "Custom", File name "/Public/incoming/timeseries/####.data" where ### is the 4 digit prefix from the files below.

List of Stations sorted by name: Name, Country, Years, Latitude,Longitude

List of Stations sorted by number: Name, Country, Years, Latitude,Longitude

Data/StationNameCountryLatitudeLongitudeYear1 Year2Percent
0231HELIGMAN ÅLAND ISLANDS 60.200000N 19.300000E19201936 97.06
0063KOBBAKLINTAR ÅLAND ISLANDS 60.033333N 19.883333E18851936 67.47
0084LEMSTROM ÅLAND ISLANDS 60.100000N 20.016667E18891936 100.00
0249FOGLO / DEGERBY ÅLAND ISLANDS 60.031883N 20.384817E19232019 94.85
0539PAGO PAGO AMERICAN SAMOA 14.280000S 170.690000W19482020 92.12
0988BAHIA ESPERANZA ANTARCTICA 63.300000S 56.916667W19611993 35.10
0913ARGENTINE ISLANDS ANTARCTICA 65.246233S 64.257417W19582018 97.81
1603PUERTO SOBERANIA ANTARCTICA 62.483333S 59.633333W19842019 55.32
0858ALMIRANTE BROWN ANTARCTICA 64.900000S 62.866667W19571980 58.68
1886CASEY ANTARCTICA 66.266667S 110.516667E19962008 82.05
1763CAPE ROBERTS ANTARCTICA ANTARCTICA 77.033920S 163.191230E19902009 82.08
2029SCOTT BASE ANTARCTICA 77.850100S 166.769000E20012016 82.29
1931ROTHERA ANTARCTICA 67.571256S 68.129797W20032018 89.06
0874USHUAIA I ARGENTINA 54.816667S 68.216667W19571969 85.90
1271USHUAIA II ARGENTINA 54.816667S 68.216667W19702006 80.86
1850USHUAIA III ARGENTINA 54.816667S 68.216667W19932018 67.95
0185PUERTO DESEADO ARGENTINA 47.750000S 65.916667W19122019 39.58
0181COMODORO RIVADAVIA ARGENTINA 45.866667S 67.483333W19111980 55.60
0501PUERTO MADRYN ARGENTINA 42.766667S 65.033333W19442000 73.83
0867PIRAMIDE ARGENTINA 42.583333S 64.283333W19571972 95.31
0870ROSALES ARGENTINA 38.933333S 62.066667W19571970 85.12
0223QUEQUEN ARGENTINA 38.583333S 58.700000W19181982 98.46
0857MAR DEL PLATA (PUERTO) ARGENTINA 38.033333S 57.533333W19571980 81.60
0819MAR DEL PLATA (NAVAL BASE) ARGENTINA 38.033333S 57.516667W19572019 95.24
1542MAR DE AJO ARGENTINA 36.700000S 56.666667W19811982 100.00
0897RIO SANTIAGO ARGENTINA 34.850000S 57.900000W19571959 77.78
0157BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA 34.600000S 58.366667W19051987 100.00
0832PALERMO ARGENTINA 34.566667S 58.400000W19572019 97.49
0864ISLA MARTIN GARCIA ARGENTINA 34.183333S 58.250000W19571976 85.83
0935DARWIN AUSTRALIA 12.471778S 130.845861E19592020 93.95
1160MILNER BAY (GROOTE EYLANDT) AUSTRALIA 13.860056S 136.415583E19662020 71.06
0835KARUMBA AUSTRALIA 17.500000S 140.833333E19572019 58.86
1157WEIPA AUSTRALIA 12.666667S 141.866667E19662019 79.17
1268BOOBY ISLAND AUSTRALIA 10.602550S 141.910133E19702020 74.67
1749TURTLE HEAD AUSTRALIA 10.521667S 142.211667E19892019 92.47
1471PORT DOUGLAS 2 AUSTRALIA 16.483333S 145.466667E19782013 66.67
0953CAIRNS AUSTRALIA 16.916667S 145.783333E19602019 76.94
1629MOURILYAN HARBOUR AUSTRALIA 17.583333S 146.083333E19852019 98.57
1630LUCINDA AUSTRALIA 18.516667S 146.383333E19852019 96.67
2074BOWEN II AUSTRALIA 20.016667S 148.250000E19862019 96.08
0637TOWNSVILLE I AUSTRALIA 19.250000S 146.833333E19512020 91.90
1492CAPE FERGUSON AUSTRALIA 19.277333S 147.058444E19792020 87.90
1569SHUTE HARBOUR 2 AUSTRALIA 20.283333S 148.783333E19832018 85.19
0564MACKAY AUSTRALIA 21.100000S 149.233333E19492019 74.18
1760ROSSLYN BAY AUSTRALIA 23.161028S 150.790167E19892020 89.06
2072PORT ALMA AUSTRALIA 23.583333S 150.866667E19862019 99.51
0825GLADSTONE AUSTRALIA 23.853833S 151.313667E19572019 69.05
1154BUNDABERG, BURNETT HEADS AUSTRALIA 24.766667S 152.383333E19662020 98.03
0822BRISBANE (WEST INNER BAR) AUSTRALIA 27.366667S 153.166667E19572020 80.86
0319BALLINA AUSTRALIA 28.866667S 153.583333E19281966 42.09
2310BRUNSWICK HEADS AUSTRALIA 28.536811S 153.552111E19862018 94.19
2314TWEED HEADS AUSTRALIA 28.169450S 153.549642E19872014 77.08
2319TWEED ENTRANCE SOUTH AUSTRALIA 28.170639S 153.551186E20142018 91.67
1229EVANS HEAD AUSTRALIA 29.116667S 153.433333E19681970 91.67
0310YAMBA AUSTRALIA 29.429712S 153.361875E19282019 41.39
0799COFF'S HARBOUR AUSTRALIA 30.316667S 153.083333E19561973 89.81
2311COFFS HARBOUR III AUSTRALIA 30.302858S 153.146061E19962018 89.49
0818LORD HOWE ISLAND AUSTRALIA 31.516667S 159.066667E19572019 69.31
2313PORT MACQUARIE AUSTRALIA 31.426792S 152.910983E19862018 93.69
2316PORT STEPHENS (TOMAREE) AUSTRALIA 32.714881S 152.182239E19852014 92.50
2320SHOAL BAY AUSTRALIA 32.719672S 152.175650E20142018 95.00
0320NEWCASTLE I AUSTRALIA 32.916667S 151.800000E19281961 77.70
1335NEWCASTLE II AUSTRALIA 32.916667S 151.800000E19721986 88.89
0267NEWCASTLE III AUSTRALIA 32.916667S 151.800000E19251988 99.48
0837NEWCASTLE V AUSTRALIA 32.924000S 151.788583E19572019 85.98
2358SYDNEY PORT JACKSON AUSTRALIA 33.825500S 151.258500E19872018 96.61
0196SYDNEY, FORT DENISON 2 AUSTRALIA 33.854667S 151.225778E19142020 98.21
0065SYDNEY, FORT DENISON AUSTRALIA 33.850000S 151.233333E18861993 100.00
0549CAMP COVE AUSTRALIA 33.833333S 151.283333E19481989 95.44
0831PORT KEMBLA AUSTRALIA 34.473750S 150.911861E19572020 67.19
2312JERVIS BAY II AUSTRALIA 35.122003S 150.707600E19892018 90.56
2315ULLADULLA HARBOUR AUSTRALIA 35.357650S 150.476531E20082018 98.48
0833EDEN AUSTRALIA 37.073660S 149.907739E19572019 61.24
1033STONY POINT AUSTRALIA 38.372139S 145.224694E19632020 71.26
0683BURNIE AUSTRALIA 41.050083S 145.915000E19522020 70.89
2071LOW HEAD AUSTRALIA 41.064444S 146.794722E20032019 76.96
1118DEVONPORT AUSTRALIA 41.184692S 146.362431E19652019 55.76
1216SPRING BAY AUSTRALIA 42.545861S 147.932722E19682020 68.40
0838HOBART AUSTRALIA 42.877328S 147.340953E19572019 81.88
1836LORNE AUSTRALIA 38.547194S 143.988833E19932020 99.11
1547PORTLAND AUSTRALIA 38.343444S 141.613167E19822020 98.50
0871PORT MACDONNELL I AUSTRALIA 38.000000S 140.666667E19571970 94.64
0304BEACHPORT AUSTRALIA 37.500000S 140.000000E19271984 11.64
0515KINGSTON AUSTRALIA 36.833333S 139.850000E19461952 85.71
1069VICTOR HARBOUR AUSTRALIA 35.562481S 138.635403E19642019 94.35
0677BRIGHTON AUSTRALIA 35.033333S 138.516667E19511952 58.33
1506PORT STANVAC AUSTRALIA 35.108611S 138.467028E19802010 59.68
0448PORT ADELAIDE (OUTER HARBOR) AUSTRALIA 34.779761S 138.480728E19402019 96.88
0443SECOND VALLEY AUSTRALIA 35.516667S 138.166667E19391942 100.00
1550PORT GILES AUSTRALIA 35.021781S 137.768319E19822019 68.64
0516EDITHBURG AUSTRALIA 35.083333S 137.750000E19461952 89.29
0631AMERICAN RIVER AUSTRALIA 35.800000S 137.766667E19501952 100.00
0492STENHOUSE BAY AUSTRALIA 35.250000S 137.766667E19431946 87.50
0383PORT WALLAROO AUSTRALIA 33.933333S 137.633333E19331937 100.00
1420WALLAROO II AUSTRALIA 33.926017S 137.615169E19762019 82.58
0216PORT PIRIE AUSTRALIA 33.177644S 138.011650E19172019 84.87
0574PORT AUGUSTA AUSTRALIA 32.550000S 137.783333E19491983 18.33
1367WHYALLA III AUSTRALIA 33.012783S 137.590356E19742019 68.48
0493WHYALLA AUSTRALIA 33.016667S 137.566667E19431946 89.58
0402FRANKLIN HARBOR AUSTRALIA 33.683333S 136.933333E19351939 100.00
0230PORT LINCOLN AUSTRALIA 34.715903S 135.870011E19202019 59.17
0386THEVENARD AUSTRALIA 32.148944S 133.641333E19342020 69.73
1114ESPERANCE AUSTRALIA 33.870889S 121.895361E19652020 96.88
0957ALBANY AUSTRALIA 35.033722S 117.892556E19602019 88.06
0834BUNBURY AUSTRALIA 33.323444S 115.659972E19572019 92.59
0111FREMANTLE AUSTRALIA 32.055833S 115.739444E18972020 92.61
1761HILLARYS AUSTRALIA 31.825556S 115.738583E19902020 97.58
1031GERALDTON AUSTRALIA 28.775972S 114.601889E19632019 94.74
1115CARNARVON AUSTRALIA 24.898694S 113.651028E19652019 83.33
1762EXMOUTH AUSTRALIA 21.954861S 114.140889E19902019 83.89
1631ONSLOW AUSTRALIA 21.649667S 115.131528E19852019 98.33
1549KING BAY AUSTRALIA 20.623611S 116.749056E19822015 87.99
1328CAPE LAMBERT AUSTRALIA 20.587972S 117.186028E19722016 67.22
0189PORT HEDLAND AUSTRALIA 20.317583S 118.574417E19132019 54.05
1159BROOME AUSTRALIA 18.000833S 122.218639E19662020 86.21
1116WYNDHAM AUSTRALIA 15.453278S 128.101028E19652019 89.70
2073URANGAN II AUSTRALIA 25.300000S 152.916667E19862019 94.61
1300INCE POINT AUSTRALIA 10.508333S 142.310000E19712019 63.27
1368GOODS ISLAND AUSTRALIA 10.561667S 142.151667E19742019 65.58
1704GOLD COAST SEAWAY 2 AUSTRALIA 27.950000S 153.416667E19872019 97.73
1493MOOLOOLABA 2 AUSTRALIA 26.683333S 153.133333E19792019 82.32
1246HAY POINT AUSTRALIA 21.283333S 149.300000E19692019 67.97
1646SETTLEMENT POINT BAHAMAS 26.710000N 78.996667W19852001 83.33
1928SETTLEMENT POINT A BAHAMAS 26.683333N 78.983333W20022018 89.71
1494MINA SULMAN BAHRAIN 26.233333N 50.600000E19792007 66.09
1451HIRON POINT BANGLADESH 21.783333N 89.466667E19772003 98.46
1496CHARCHANGA BANGLADESH 22.216667N 91.050000E19792000 95.83
2196CHITTAGONG A BANGLADESH 22.246667N 91.825000E20072018 90.97
1454KHEPUPARA BANGLADESH 21.833333N 89.833333E19772000 94.10
1476COX'S BAZAAR BANGLADESH 21.450000N 91.833333E19782006 85.34
0470ZEEBRUGGE BELGIUM 51.350000N 3.200000E19422019 72.86
0413OOSTENDE BELGIUM 51.233333N 2.916667E19372019 93.57
0489NIEUWPOORT BELGIUM 51.150000N 2.733333E19432019 71.21
0886PAGET ISLAND BERMUDA 32.366667N 64.666667W19571961 80.00
0368ST. GEORGES / ESSO PIER (BERMUDA) BERMUDA 32.373333N 64.703333W19322019 83.05
0542IMBITUBA BRAZIL 28.233333S 48.650000W19481968 96.83
0726CANANEIA BRAZIL 25.016667S 47.933333W19542006 96.70
0579RIO DE JANEIRO BRAZIL 22.933333S 43.133333W19491968 82.92
1032ILHA FISCAL BRAZIL 22.896667S 43.166667W19632016 94.75
0699CANAVIEIRAS BRAZIL 15.666667S 38.966667W19521963 100.00
0578SALVADOR BRAZIL 12.966667S 38.516667W19491968 97.08
0556RECIFE BRAZIL 8.050000S 34.866667W19481968 96.43
0559FORTALEZA BRAZIL 3.716667S 38.483333W19481968 83.73
1736MADEIRA BRAZIL 2.566667S 44.383333W19882008 74.60
0589SALINOPOLIS BRAZIL 0.650000S 47.383333W19491956 61.46
0580BELEM BRAZIL 1.450000S 48.500000W19491968 100.00
1975SANTANA BRAZIL 0.050000S 51.166667W19841984 100.00
1740DIEGO GARCIA-C BRITISH INDIAN OCEAN TERRITORY 7.283333S 72.400000E19882000 71.79
2190DIEGO GARCIA D BRITISH INDIAN OCEAN TERRITORY 7.290000S 72.393333E20032018 86.46
0317BOURGAS BULGARIA 42.483333N 27.483333E19281996 85.39
0318VARNA BULGARIA 43.183333N 27.916667E19281996 94.20
0167PRINCE RUPERT CANADA 54.316667N 130.333333W19092019 82.81
0840LANGARA POINT CANADA 54.250000N 133.033333W19572003 18.44
0829QUEEN CHARLOTTE CITY CANADA 53.250000N 132.066667W19572018 87.90
1084BELLA COOLA CANADA 52.366667N 126.783333W19641967 75.00
0984BELLA BELLA CANADA 52.166667N 128.133333W19062019 50.66
1071PORT HARDY CANADA 50.716667N 127.483333W19642019 97.47
0554ALERT BAY CANADA 50.583333N 126.950000W19481978 98.12
1323CAMPBELL RIVER CANADA 50.016667N 125.233333W19582019 78.49
0630COMOX CANADA 49.666667N 124.916667W19501953 83.33
1825NANOOSE BAY CANADA 49.266667N 124.133333W19921993 79.17
0193POINT ATKINSON CANADA 49.333333N 123.250000W19142019 78.77
0175VANCOUVER CANADA 49.283333N 123.116667W19092019 82.73
1245NEW WESTMINSTER CANADA 49.200000N 122.916667W19692019 94.28
1255STEVESTON CANADA 49.116667N 123.183333W19691997 93.97
1341TSAWWASSEN CANADA 49.000000N 123.133333W19721978 92.86
0688FULFORD HARBOUR CANADA 48.766667N 123.450000W19521992 95.93
1152PATRICIA BAY CANADA 48.650000N 123.450000W19662019 80.56
0166VICTORIA CANADA 48.416667N 123.366667W19092019 98.87
0921SOOKE CANADA 48.366667N 123.733333W19581984 48.46
0842PORT RENFREW CANADA 48.550000N 124.416667W19571997 57.11
1242BAMFIELD CANADA 48.850000N 125.133333W19692019 96.57
0527PORT ALBERNI CANADA 49.233333N 124.816667W19471997 52.78
0165TOFINO CANADA 49.150000N 125.916667W19092019 77.63
1799WINTER HARBOUR CANADA 50.516667N 128.033333W19892019 99.19
0195SAINT JOHN, N.B. CANADA 45.266667N 66.066667W18962019 76.41
1230DIGBY CANADA 44.633333N 65.750000W19681970 75.00
1158YARMOUTH CANADA 43.833333N 66.133333W19002019 42.64
1259BOUTILIER POINT CANADA 44.666667N 63.966667W19691982 95.24
0096HALIFAX CANADA 44.666667N 63.583333W18952014 78.61
2352BEDFORD INSTITUTE CANADA 44.683333N 63.616667W20032019 83.33
1332POINT TUPPER CANADA 45.600000N 61.366667W19721992 76.19
1299NORTH SYDNEY CANADA 46.216667N 60.250000W19702019 96.83
1121PICTOU CANADA 45.683333N 62.700000W19651996 84.90
2031CAP AUX MEULES CANADA 47.378861N 61.857306W19642019 40.63
0427CHARLOTTETOWN CANADA 46.233333N 63.116667W19112019 81.65
1330RUSTICO CANADA 46.466667N 63.283333W19721996 81.00
1143GRINDSTONE CANADA 47.383333N 61.866667W19651969 100.00
1326SHEDIAC BAY CANADA 46.250000N 64.533333W19712019 64.12
1309POINTE-DU-CHENE CANADA 46.250000N 64.533333W19711984 82.14
1138POINT SAPIN CANADA 46.966667N 64.833333W19651974 83.33
1349LOWER ESCUMINAC CANADA 47.083333N 64.883333W19732019 92.91
2069BELLEDUNE CANADA 47.900000N 65.850000W19992019 90.87
1358DALHOUSIE CANADA 48.066667N 66.383333W19731992 61.67
1213RIVIERE-AU-RENARD CANADA 49.000000N 64.383333W19682019 92.15
1199STE-ANNE-DES-MONTS CANADA 49.133333N 66.483333W19671994 78.57
0138POINTE-AU-PERE CANADA 48.516667N 68.466667W19001983 80.16
1597RIMOUSKI CANADA 48.483333N 68.516667W19842019 92.13
1284RIVIERE-DU-LOUP CANADA 47.850000N 69.566667W19701980 97.73
1223ST-JEAN-PORT-JOLI CANADA 47.216667N 70.283333W19681979 75.69
0999ST-FRANCOIS CANADA 47.000000N 70.816667W19622019 95.98
0173QUEBEC (LAUZON) CANADA 46.833333N 71.166667W19102012 75.00
2353VIEUX QUEBEC CANADA 46.811111N 71.201944W20102019 75.83
0201DESCHAILLONS CANADA 46.566667N 72.100000W19152019 76.83
0137PORT-SAINT-FRANCOIS CANADA 46.266667N 72.616667W19002019 37.99
1798BECANCOUR CANADA 46.400000N 72.383333W19852019 77.14
0126TROIS-RIVIERES CANADA 46.333333N 72.550000W18992019 86.09
1005CHAMPLAIN CANADA 46.433333N 72.400000W19621994 93.18
0144BATISCAN CANADA 46.500000N 72.250000W19012019 68.14
0387GRONDINES CANADA 46.583333N 72.033333W19341994 73.36
0951PORTNEUF CANADA 46.683333N 71.883333W19602019 85.42
0192NEUVILLE CANADA 46.700000N 71.566667W19142019 72.48
1244ST-JOSEPH-DE-LA-RIVE CANADA 47.450000N 70.366667W19672019 86.79
1392PORT-ALFRED CANADA 48.333333N 70.866667W19752019 69.26
1219TADOUSSAC CANADA 48.133333N 69.716667W19681990 92.75
1218BAIE COMEAU CANADA 49.233333N 68.133333W19681991 88.19
1322SEPT-ILES CANADA 50.200000N 66.400000W19722019 88.72
0176HARRINGTON HBR CANADA 50.500000N 59.483333W19101989 61.98
1280SAVAGE COVE CANADA 51.333333N 56.700000W19701982 77.56
1044LARK HARBOUR CANADA 49.100000N 58.366667W19631988 66.67
0392PORT AUX BASQUES CANADA 47.566667N 59.133333W19352019 67.35
2354ST LAWRENCE CANADA 46.916800N 55.390100W20062019 90.48
2135BONAVISTA CANADA 48.651000N 53.115000W19532019 20.15
1321ARGENTIA CANADA 47.300000N 53.983333W19712019 90.48
0393ST. JOHN'S, NFLD. CANADA 47.566667N 52.716667W19352019 74.61
1278WEST ST. MODESTE CANADA 51.600000N 56.700000W19701989 80.83
1029NAIN CANADA 56.550000N 61.700000W19632019 45.76
1935QIKIQTARJUAQ CANADA 67.866667N 64.116667W20042019 49.48
0447CHURCHILL CANADA 58.766667N 94.183333W19402019 90.00
0863RESOLUTE CANADA 74.683333N 94.883333W19571977 81.75
1822LITTLE CORNWALLIS ISLAND CANADA 75.383333N 96.950000W19921994 91.67
1110ALERT CANADA 82.490000N 62.320000W19652019 30.30
1132CAMBRIDGE BAY CANADA 69.116667N 105.066667W19651982 56.02
1930ULUKHAKTOK (FORMERLY HOLMAN ) CANADA 70.736283N 117.761150W20032019 55.88
1282CAPE PARRY CANADA 70.150000N 124.666667W19701982 28.85
1000TUKTOYAKTUK CANADA 69.416667N 132.966667W19612019 43.64
1769PORTO GRANDE (ST. VINCENT) 2 CAPE VERDE 16.883333N 25.000000W19901995 62.50
1914PALMEIRA CAPE VERDE 16.750000N 22.983333W20002018 92.54
1422NORTH SOUND CAYMAN ISLANDS 19.300000N 81.316667W19762003 88.10
1426SOUTH SOUND CAYMAN ISLANDS 19.266667N 81.383333W19761996 86.90
1462EASTER ISLAND-D CHILE 27.150000S 109.450000W19771984 89.58
1272EASTER ISLAND-E CHILE 27.154722S 109.472778W19702019 82.83
0618ARICA CHILE 18.466667S 70.333333W19501991 84.52
1963IQUIQUE CHILE 20.216667S 70.166667W19591959 100.00
2261IQUIQUE II CHILE 20.204444S 70.147778W19842019 93.29
0511ANTOFAGASTA CHILE 23.650000S 70.416667W19451991 96.10
0510ANTOFAGASTA 2 CHILE 23.653056S 70.404444W19452019 92.00
1751SAN FELIX CHILE 26.292222S 80.108611W19892019 82.53
0619CALDERA CHILE 27.066667S 70.833333W19501991 96.63
0499VALPARAISO CHILE 33.027222S 71.625833W19442019 86.95
1644JUAN FERNANDEZ-C CHILE 33.635833S 78.829722W19852018 84.56
0571TALCAHUANO CHILE 36.683333S 73.100000W19492019 93.19
1057CORRAL CHILE 39.866667S 73.433333W19631964 100.00
2262CORRAL II CHILE 39.878333S 73.422778W19852019 87.62
2264ANCUD CHILE 41.866944S 73.831944W19992019 97.22
2265MELINKA CHILE 43.898333S 73.748333W20112019 94.44
0473PUNTA ARENAS CHILE 53.166667S 70.900000W19421991 70.00
2263PUNTA ARENAS II CHILE 53.123611S 70.860278W19882019 82.81
0994CALETA PERCY CHILE 52.900000S 70.266667W19611964 81.25
1122PUERTO WILLIAMS CHILE 54.916667S 67.616667W19652019 51.97
1785DIEGO RAMIREZ CHILE 56.500000S 68.716667W19911997 89.29
1408BEIHAI CHINA 21.483333N 109.083333E19751997 100.00
0933ZHAPO CHINA 21.583333N 111.816667E19592019 99.45
1730NAN SHA CHINA 9.550000N 112.880000E19882019 77.60
1745XI SHA CHINA 16.833333N 112.333333E19892019 98.66
0727XIAMEN CHINA 24.450000N 118.066667E19542004 99.18
1406SHANWEI CHINA 22.750000N 115.350000E19751997 98.19
1428HAIKOU CHINA 20.016667N 110.283333E19761997 100.00
1407DONGFANG CHINA 19.100000N 108.616667E19751997 100.00
0934KANMEN CHINA 28.083333N 121.283333E19592019 98.77
0979LUSI CHINA 32.133333N 121.616667E19612019 84.75
1405LIANYUNGANG CHINA 34.750000N 119.450000E19751997 99.64
1404SHIJIUSUO CHINA 35.383333N 119.550000E19751997 99.64
0731YANTAI CHINA 37.533333N 121.383333E19541994 100.00
1403TANGGU CHINA 39.000000N 117.716667E19751994 100.00
0614QINHUANGDAO CHINA 39.900000N 119.600000E19501994 99.07
0723DALIAN CHINA 38.866667N 121.683333E19542019 82.58
1513LAOHUTAN CHINA 38.866667N 121.683333E19801997 100.00
0983COCOS ISLAND (HOME IS.) COCOS (KEELING) ISLANDS 12.116694S 96.894417E19612020 58.47
0456BUENAVENTURA COLOMBIA 3.900000N 77.100000W19412014 90.09
0639TUMACO COLOMBIA 1.833333N 78.733333W19512014 84.24
2116SAN ANDRES ARCHIPELAGO COLOMBIA 12.583333N 81.700000W19972018 71.97
0714RIOHACHA COLOMBIA 11.550000N 72.916667W19531976 95.14
0572CARTAGENA COLOMBIA 10.400000N 75.550000W19491993 94.44
0938POINTE NOIRE CONGO 4.783333S 11.833333E19591988 38.33
1450PENRHYN COOK ISLANDS 9.016667S 158.066667W19772018 95.44
1843RAROTONGA B COOK ISLANDS 21.204750S 159.784778W19932020 97.32
0464PUNTARENAS COSTA RICA 9.966667N 84.833333W19411966 99.04
0844QUEPOS COSTA RICA 9.400000N 84.166667W19571994 97.59
2189QUEPOS B COSTA RICA 9.425000N 84.171667W20092017 76.85
2191LIMON B COSTA RICA 9.988333N 83.020000W20092018 92.50
0552PUERTO LIMON COSTA RICA 10.000000N 83.033333W19481980 79.29
1313ABIDJAN CÔTE D'IVOIRE 5.250000N 4.000000W19711976 54.17
0761ROVINJ CROATIA 45.083300N 13.628300E19552018 98.18
0353BAKAR CROATIA 45.300000N 14.533333E19302013 86.90
1859ZADAR CROATIA 44.123300N 15.235000E19942018 97.67
1577GAZENICA CROATIA 44.083333N 15.266667E19831988 100.00
1578ZLARIN CROATIA 43.700000N 15.666667E19831988 90.28
0685SPLIT RT MARJANA CROATIA 43.508333N 16.391667E19522008 97.95
0352SPLIT - GRADSKA LUKA CROATIA 43.506700N 16.441700E19302018 87.45
1574VIS-CESKA VILA CROATIA 43.066667N 16.200000E19831991 89.81
1706SUCURAJ CROATIA 43.133333N 17.200000E19872005 97.37
1718UBLI CROATIA 42.750000N 16.833333E19871991 93.33
1945PLOCE CROATIA 43.050000N 17.416667E20062018 99.36
0760DUBROVNIK CROATIA 42.658300N 18.063300E19552018 98.18
1162SIBONEY CUBA 23.100000N 82.466667W19662019 82.72
2286MARIEL BOCA CUBA 23.020833N 82.755833W20122015 85.42
0563GIBARA CUBA 21.108333N 76.125000W19492019 78.29
2288NUEVITAS PUNTA PRACTICO CUBA 21.591333N 77.109500W19922019 66.37
0418GUANTANAMO BAY CUBA 19.906667N 75.146667W19371971 90.24
2021CASILDA II CUBA 21.753300N 79.991700W19792017 65.17
2289CAYO LOCO CUBA 22.150500N 80.454500W20122019 97.92
1297CABO DE SAN ANTONIO CUBA 21.900000N 84.900000W19712019 84.69
1909ISABELA DE SAGUA CUBA 22.933333N 80.016667W20002017 92.59
2287SANTIAGO DE CUBA CUBA 20.020500N 75.836667W20122019 64.58
1910CABO CRUZ CUBA 19.833333N 77.733333W19922019 90.18
1934MANZANILLO CUBA 20.333333N 77.150000W20042019 73.44
2346BULLEN BAY CURAÇAO 12.187000N 69.020000W20132018 86.11
0436FAMAGUSTA CYPRUS 35.116667N 33.950000E19381940 75.00
1911GIRNE CYPRUS 35.350000N 33.333333E20002011 44.44
0120GEDSER DENMARK 54.572778N 11.925556E18922017 99.21
0762RODBYHAVN DENMARK 54.655833N 11.348611E19552017 60.05
1812TEJN DENMARK 55.249722N 14.837778E19922017 96.15
0082KOBENHAVN DENMARK 55.705000N 12.600000E18892017 97.61
0119HORNBAEK DENMARK 56.091111N 12.458333E18912017 98.43
0113KORSOR DENMARK 55.332222N 11.142222E18972017 98.28
0098SLIPSHAVN DENMARK 55.288333N 10.827778E18962017 97.95
0271MOMMARK DENMARK 54.933333N 10.066667E19251967 48.06
1197FYNSHAV DENMARK 54.995000N 9.986944E19672017 94.61
0081FREDERICIA DENMARK 55.560833N 9.754444E18892017 98.71
0076AARHUS DENMARK 56.147222N 10.223889E18882017 97.82
0091FREDERIKSHAVN DENMARK 57.436389N 10.548889E18932017 97.07
0089HIRTSHALS DENMARK 57.595556N 9.963889E18922017 95.97
0703HANSTHOLM DENMARK 57.118889N 8.595556E19532017 78.46
0080ESBJERG DENMARK 55.460833N 8.441111E18892017 98.77
2344ROSEAU DOMINICA 15.313000N 61.390000W20112015 71.67
2342PUNTA CANA B DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 18.505000N 68.375000W20102018 94.44
0745BARAHONA DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 18.200000N 71.083333W19541969 64.06
2343PUERTO PLATA B DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 19.798000N 70.702000W20102017 89.58
0577PUERTO PLATA DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 19.816667N 70.700000W19491969 73.41
0555LA LIBERTAD ECUADOR 2.200000S 80.916667W19481969 93.56
0544LA LIBERTAD II ECUADOR 2.200000S 80.916667W19481994 94.33
2348LA LIBERTAD III ECUADOR 2.200000S 80.917000W19492018 95.95
0927SAN CRISTOBAL ECUADOR 0.900000S 89.616667W19581968 83.33
1472SANTA CRUZ ECUADOR 0.750000S 90.316667W19782018 94.72
1645BALTRA-B ECUADOR 0.433333S 90.283333W19852018 88.73
1277PUERTO BOLIVAR ECUADOR 3.266667S 80.000000W19701991 74.62
0253PORT SAID EGYPT 31.250000N 32.300000E19231946 99.65
0503ALEXANDRIA EGYPT 31.216667N 29.916667E19442006 95.50
0558LA UNION EL SALVADOR 13.333333N 87.816667W19481968 98.02
1011ACAJUTLA EL SALVADOR 13.566667N 89.833333W19622001 96.46
1302ACAJUTLA 2 EL SALVADOR 13.583333N 89.833333W19622018 88.45
0321TALLINN ESTONIA 59.450000N 24.800000E19281938 100.00
0322VILSANDI ESTONIA 58.383333N 21.816667E19281938 99.24
1082STANLEY FALKLAND ISLANDS (MALVINAS) 51.690339S 57.864931W19641974 42.42
1796STANLEY II FALKLAND ISLANDS (MALVINAS) 51.692358S 57.820514W19922013 88.26
0839TORSHAVN FAROE ISLANDS 62.016667N 6.766667W19572006 83.50
1327SUVA-A FIJI 18.135678S 178.422839E19721997 86.22
0229KEMI FINLAND 65.673367N 24.515250E19202019 96.67
0079OULU / ULEABORG FINLAND 65.040317N 25.418233E18892019 95.67
0240RAAHE / BRAHESTAD FINLAND 64.666333N 24.407050E19222019 93.11
0086YKSPIHLAJA FINLAND 63.833333N 23.033333E18891924 100.00
0194PIETARSAARI / JAKOBSTAD FINLAND 63.708567N 22.689583E19142019 97.96
0057VAASA / VASA FINLAND 63.081533N 21.571183E18832019 94.89
0030RONNSKAR FINLAND 63.066667N 20.800000E18671936 87.14
0285KASKINEN / KASKO FINLAND 62.343950N 21.214833E19262019 97.25
0228SALGRUND FINLAND 62.333333N 21.200000E19191928 95.00
0085REPOSAARI FINLAND 61.616667N 21.450000E18891926 100.00
0172MANTYLUOTO FINLAND 61.594383N 21.463433E19102019 98.03
0226SAPPI FINLAND 61.483333N 21.333333E19191936 96.76
0376RAUMA / RAUMO FINLAND 61.133533N 21.425817E19332019 99.43
0016LYOKKI FINLAND 60.850000N 21.183333E18581936 99.68
0017LYPYRTTI FINLAND 60.600000N 21.233333E18581936 98.21
0239TURKU / ABO FINLAND 60.428283N 22.100533E19222019 98.21
0027UTO FINLAND 59.783333N 21.366667E18661936 99.53
0233LOHM FINLAND 60.100000N 21.666667E19201927 93.75
0238TVARMINNE FINLAND 59.850000N 23.250000E19211936 100.00
0018JUNGFRUSUND FINLAND 59.950000N 22.366667E18581934 100.00
0028RUSSARO FINLAND 59.766667N 22.950000E18661936 97.54
0071HANKO / HANGO FINLAND 59.822867N 22.976583E18872019 88.72
0142SKURU FINLAND 60.100000N 23.550000E19001936 99.55
0014HELSINKI FINLAND 60.153633N 24.956217E18572019 89.93
2269PORVOO, EMASALO FINLAND 60.205783N 25.625083E20142019 90.28
0029SODERSKAR FINLAND 60.116667N 25.416667E18661936 100.00
0164KOTKA FINLAND 60.450000N 26.950000E19081927 94.58
0315HAMINA FINLAND 60.562767N 27.179200E19282019 98.19
0468DUNKERQUE FRANCE 51.048091N 2.366698E19422019 67.52
0455CALAIS FRANCE 50.969399N 1.867720E19412019 53.38
0471BOULOGNE FRANCE 50.727501N 1.577460E19412019 41.67
0474DIEPPE FRANCE 49.929096N 1.083812E19422019 63.46
1383ANTIFER FRANCE 49.650000N 0.150000E19741982 63.89
0453LE HAVRE FRANCE 49.481900N 0.106000E19382019 67.38
0467CHERBOURG FRANCE 49.651299N 1.635630W19422019 64.21
0454ST. MALO FRANCE 48.641102N 2.028180W19412019 37.66
1347ROSCOFF FRANCE 48.718399N 3.965860W19732019 95.39
1294LE CONQUET FRANCE 48.359402N 4.780830W19712019 97.11
0001BREST FRANCE 48.382850N 4.494838W18072019 89.75
1301CONCARNEAU FRANCE 47.873699N 3.907380W19712019 43.88
1247PORT TUDY FRANCE 47.644274N 3.445852W19692019 85.46
1921LE CROUESTY FRANCE 47.542702N 2.895150W19962019 76.74
0457ST. NAZAIRE FRANCE 47.270000N 2.200000W19412019 45.99
1078POINTE ST. GILDAS FRANCE 47.133333N 2.250000W19641988 91.00
1747LES SABLES D OLONNE FRANCE 46.497501N 1.793730W19652019 54.24
0466LA ROCHELLE-LA PALLICE FRANCE 46.158478N 1.220736W19412019 52.95
2236ILE D'AIX FRANCE 46.007353N 1.174333W19732019 16.49
1915PORT BLOC FRANCE 45.568501N 1.061570W19592019 50.82
0459LE VERDON FRANCE 45.550000N 1.066667W19411977 25.90
2335MIMIZAN FRANCE 44.210680N 1.295124W20152019 80.00
1801BOUCAU FRANCE 43.527302N 1.514830W19672019 83.02
1918ARCACHON-EYRAC FRANCE 44.665001N 1.163550W19672019 36.32
0469ST JEAN DE LUZ (SOCOA) FRANCE 43.395239N 1.681623W19422019 62.39
1469PORT VENDRES FRANCE 42.520100N 3.107330E19782019 78.57
2336PORT LA NOUVELLE FRANCE 43.014700N 3.064100E20132019 92.86
0958SETE FRANCE 43.397598N 3.699110E19602019 45.83
2234FOS SUR MER FRANCE 43.404935N 4.892935E20062019 66.67
0061MARSEILLE FRANCE 43.278801N 5.353860E18852019 96.60
0980TOULON FRANCE 43.112898N 5.914720E19612019 56.64
2233PORT FERREOL FRANCE 43.359072N 6.717606E20122019 90.63
1468NICE FRANCE 43.695599N 7.285500E19782019 87.30
1929AJACCIO FRANCE 41.922798N 8.762850E19812019 49.57
2207CENTURI FRANCE 42.965775N 9.349833E20102019 85.00
2208SOLENZARA FRANCE 41.856856N 9.403830E20112019 85.19
2243ILET LA MERE FRENCH GUIANA 4.893783N 52.190483W19782017 40.00
2012ILE ROYALE FRENCH GUIANA 5.284333N 52.586500W20062019 91.07
1397PAPEETE-B, FARE UTE POINT, SOC.IS. FRENCH POLYNESIA 17.533081S 149.572724W19762018 98.26
1555NUKU HIVA FRENCH POLYNESIA 8.933333S 140.083333W19822012 64.52
1253RIKITEA FRENCH POLYNESIA 23.122268S 134.966749W19692018 93.67
2216RANGIROA FRENCH POLYNESIA 14.945812S 147.706045W20092019 81.82
2217TUBUAI FRENCH POLYNESIA 23.341765S 149.475540W20092018 82.50
1849KERGUELEN FRENCH SOUTHERN TERRITORIES 49.351501S 70.255501E19932013 94.05
0041POTI GEORGIA 42.166667N 41.683333E18742018 94.14
0051BATUMI GEORGIA 41.633333N 41.700000E18822018 87.10
1448KOSEROW GERMANY 54.060278N 14.000833E19772019 87.40
0397SASSNITZ GERMANY 54.510833N 13.643056E19352019 87.16
0011WARNEMUNDE 2 GERMANY 54.169722N 12.103333E18552019 99.75
0008WISMAR 2 GERMANY 53.898889N 11.458056E18482018 99.61
0013TRAVEMUNDE GERMANY 53.958056N 10.872222E18562018 95.09
0789KIEL-HOLTENAU GERMANY 54.372222N 10.156944E19562018 79.37
1036AMRUM (WITTDUEN) GERMANY 54.616667N 8.383333E19632018 99.85
0007CUXHAVEN 2 GERMANY 53.866667N 8.716667E18432018 100.00
1037BORKUM (FISCHERBALJE) GERMANY 53.557500N 6.747778E19632016 100.00
0331TAKORADI GHANA 4.884556N 1.745028W19292012 78.67
1049TEMA GHANA 5.616667N 0.000000E19631982 97.50
0981GIBRALTAR GIBRALTAR 36.148256N 5.364900W19612014 66.67
0410PREVEZA GREECE 38.959078N 20.756628E19372019 51.51
1239LEVKAS GREECE 38.834544N 20.712108E19692019 86.44
0409POSIDHONIA GREECE 37.951156N 22.960100E19372019 49.30
1250PATRAI GREECE 38.416667N 21.728694E19692006 85.96
1240KATAKOLON GREECE 37.644822N 21.319681E19692019 88.07
0411KALAMAI GREECE 37.023678N 22.115839E19372019 49.10
1938NORTH SALAMINOS II GREECE 37.979556N 23.534194E20042008 86.67
1604NORTH SALAMINOS GREECE 37.979583N 23.541694E19842000 88.73
0374PIRAIEVS GREECE 37.937328N 23.626714E19332019 64.66
1695RAFINA GREECE 38.033333N 24.000000E19861989 95.83
1441KHALKIS SOUTH GREECE 38.460889N 23.589458E19772019 75.97
1237KHALKIS NORTH GREECE 38.472289N 23.592631E19692019 88.73
1907SKOPELOS GREECE 39.123642N 23.729475E19992009 72.73
0373THESSALONIKI GREECE 40.632542N 22.934933E19332019 61.88
0375KAVALLA GREECE 40.934639N 24.412133E19332010 55.34
1238ALEXANDROUPOLIS GREECE 40.844139N 25.878272E19692019 89.22
0408KHIOS GREECE 38.371514N 26.141189E19372015 55.38
1234SIROS GREECE 37.439969N 24.945808E19692019 86.27
1233LEROS GREECE 37.129675N 26.847994E19692019 82.84
1232SOUDHAS GREECE 35.487453N 24.082481E19692019 82.35
2067SOUDHAS II GREECE 35.487453N 24.082481E20022018 79.90
0634IRAKLION GREECE 35.348475N 25.152692E19512011 43.58
2165IRAKLION II GREECE 35.348475N 25.152692E20092019 79.55
1933CORFU ( KERKYRA ) GREECE 39.628200N 19.905317E20042019 85.94
1941SAMOS ISLAND - VATHI GREECE 37.755156N 26.976458E20052013 69.44
1243RHODOS GREECE 36.441717N 28.236439E19692008 71.46
2167RHODOS II GREECE 36.441717N 28.236439E20102016 85.71
2272PRICKLEY BAY, GRENADA GRENADA 12.005000N 61.765000W20112018 93.75
1784POINTE-A-PITRE GUADELOUPE 16.224400N 61.531399W19912019 69.54
0540APRA HARBOR GUAM 13.438333N 144.653333E19482020 94.41
2130PAGO BAY, GUAM GUAM 13.428333N 144.796667E20042020 80.88
1201CHAMPERICO GUATEMALA 14.283333N 91.916667W19671975 74.07
0973SAN JOSE GUATEMALA 13.916667N 90.833333W19601969 100.00
0777SAN JOSE II GUATEMALA 13.916667N 90.816667W19551975 95.24
1080SANTO TOMAS DE CASTILLA GUATEMALA 15.700000N 88.616667W19641983 87.50
0583PORT AU PRINCE HAITI 18.566667N 72.350000W19491961 97.44
0779PUERTO CASTILLA HONDURAS 16.016667N 86.033333W19551968 95.24
0557PUERTO CORTES HONDURAS 15.833333N 87.950000W19481968 100.00
1698WAGLAN ISLAND HONG KONG 22.183056N 114.302778E19872018 73.18
0987CHI MA WAN, LANTAU ISLAND HONG KONG 22.233333N 114.000000E19611997 63.29
1674QUARRY BAY HONG KONG 22.291111N 114.213333E19862019 100.00
0333NORTH POINT HONG KONG 22.300000N 114.200000E19291985 64.04
1891TAI MIU WAN HONG KONG 22.269722N 114.288611E19972019 93.48
1034TAI PO KAU, TOLO HARBOUR HONG KONG 22.442500N 114.183889E19632019 94.74
1366TSIM BEI TSUI HONG KONG 22.487222N 114.014167E19742019 83.33
1685LOK ON PAI HONG KONG 22.366667N 114.000000E19861999 82.74
1902SHEK PIK HONG KONG 22.220278N 113.894444E19982019 96.97
0638REYKJAVIK ICELAND 64.150583N 21.939889W19512018 91.79
0877GRINDAVIK ICELAND 63.833333N 22.433333W19571965 89.81
0596KANDLA INDIA 23.016667N 70.216667E19502015 79.17
1943VADINAR INDIA 22.450000N 69.683333E20052013 98.15
1395OKHA INDIA 22.466667N 69.083333E19752015 79.27
0770VERAVAL INDIA 20.900000N 70.366667E19551983 47.13
0420BHAUNAGAR I INDIA 21.800000N 72.300000E19371955 99.56
0804BHAUNAGAR II INDIA 21.750000N 72.233333E19561965 95.00
0043MUMBAI / BOMBAY (APOLLO BANDAR) INDIA 18.916667N 72.833333E18782015 89.19
0212BOMBAY (PRINCES DOCK) INDIA 18.950000N 72.833333E19161920 100.00
1249MORMUGAO INDIA 15.416667N 73.800000E19692015 69.86
1273KARWAR INDIA 14.800000N 74.116667E19702015 57.43
1423MANGALORE (PANAMBURU) INDIA 12.916667N 74.800000E19762015 73.75
0696MANGALORE INDIA 12.850000N 74.833333E19521976 84.33
0438COCHIN (WILLINGDON IS.) INDIA 9.966667N 76.266667E19392013 88.56
1072TUTICORIN INDIA 8.750000N 78.200000E19642014 55.72
1258TANGACHCHIMADAM INDIA 9.283333N 79.250000E19691983 81.67
1308NAGAPATTINAM INDIA 10.766667N 79.850000E19712013 41.86
0205CHENNAI INDIA 13.100000N 80.300000E19162015 61.67
0414VISAKHAPATNAM INDIA 17.683333N 83.283333E19372013 85.93
1161PARADIP INDIA 20.266667N 86.700000E19662015 77.33
1369GANGRA INDIA 21.950000N 88.016667E19742006 95.71
1270HALDIA INDIA 22.033333N 88.100000E19702015 94.38
0417SAUGOR/SAGAR INDIA 21.650000N 88.050000E19371988 94.87
0049DUBLAT (SAUGOR IS.) INDIA 21.633333N 88.133333E18811886 80.56
0543DIAMOND HARBOUR INDIA 22.200000N 88.166667E19482015 96.81
0369GARDEN REACH INDIA 22.550000N 88.300000E19322014 89.86
0048KIDDERPORE INDIA 22.533333N 88.333333E18811931 45.42
1002TRIBENI INDIA 22.983333N 88.400000E19622006 97.59
0206PORT BLAIR INDIA 11.683333N 92.766667E19162010 21.32
2195SABANG INDONESIA 5.888333N 95.316667E20062018 89.74
1752SIBOLGA II INDONESIA 1.750000N 98.766667E19892018 87.22
2193PADANG B INDONESIA 0.996667S 100.375000E20052018 90.48
2199CILACAP B INDONESIA 7.751667S 109.016667E20072017 93.94
2197PRIGI INDONESIA 8.280000S 111.730000E20072018 97.22
2200BENOA B INDONESIA 8.746667S 115.211667E20062018 82.69
2274SAUMLAKI INDONESIA 7.981667S 131.290000E20082018 92.42
1709BITUNG II INDONESIA 1.433333N 125.200000E19862018 49.49
2228CHABAHAR II IRAN, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF 25.295833N 60.603333E20072016 59.17
0916MALIN HEAD IRELAND 55.366667N 7.333333W19582002 95.37
0432DUBLIN IRELAND 53.350000N 6.216667W19382009 99.07
0435DOUGLAS ISLE OF MAN 54.150000N 4.466667W19381977 85.83
1793PORT ERIN ISLE OF MAN 54.085389N 4.768056W19922019 87.20
2218AKKO ISRAEL 32.919300N 35.070240E20122018 96.43
2221HAIFA II ISRAEL 32.828920N 34.990650E20132018 84.72
1797HADERA ISRAEL 32.470440N 34.863160E19922019 83.63
1880TEL AVIV ISRAEL 32.083333N 34.766667E19962010 85.56
2147TEL AVIV - YAFO ISRAEL 32.052778N 34.749722E20112019 96.30
2219ASHDOD II ISRAEL 31.831320N 34.640530E20122018 100.00
2220ASHKLON ISRAEL 31.681760N 34.556720E20122019 100.00
2148EILAT NORTH ISRAEL 29.544722N 34.952222E20102013 100.00
2149EILAT SOUTH ISRAEL 29.501944N 34.917778E20112019 100.00
0109LA MADDALENA ITALY 41.233333N 9.366667E18961913 88.89
2084PORTO TORRES ITALY 40.842206N 8.403914E20012015 97.78
0104CAGLIARI ITALY 39.200000N 9.166667E18961934 92.52
2089CAGLIARI II ITALY 39.210192N 9.114272E20012014 100.00
2076CARLOFORTE ITALY 39.147969N 8.309453E20012015 100.00
0108PORTO MAURIZIO ITALY 43.866667N 8.016667E18961922 95.37
2078IMPERIA ITALY 43.878339N 8.018864E20012015 100.00
0059GENOVA ITALY 44.400000N 8.900000E18841997 78.29
2090GENOVA II ITALY 44.410128N 8.925517E20012014 97.02
2080LIVORNO II ITALY 43.546286N 10.299339E20012015 100.00
0106CIVITAVECCHIA ITALY 42.050000N 11.816667E18961922 93.83
0129NAPOLI (ARSENALE) ITALY 40.866667N 14.266667E18991922 91.32
2092NAPOLI II ITALY 40.841406N 14.269194E20012015 98.89
0105NAPOLI (MANDRACCHIO) ITALY 40.842900N 14.257500E18961922 92.90
2086SALERNO ITALY 40.676642N 14.750839E20012014 100.00
2082PALINURO ITALY 40.029911N 15.275292E20012015 99.44
0670REGGIO CALABRIA ITALY 38.100000N 15.650000E19511967 80.88
2142REGGIO CALABRIA II ITALY 38.121719N 15.648917E20012015 100.00
2083PORTO EMPEDOCLE, SICILY ITALY 37.285756N 13.526844E20012015 97.78
0107PALERMO ITALY 38.133333N 13.333333E18961922 90.74
2093PALERMO II ITALY 38.121411N 13.371331E20012015 100.00
2079LAMPEDUSA ITALY 35.499828N 12.604439E20012015 100.00
0873CAPO PASSERO ITALY 36.666667N 15.300000E19571969 89.10
0102CATANIA ITALY 37.500000N 15.133333E18961971 44.96
2094CATANIA II ITALY 37.498081N 15.093825E20012015 100.00
0103TARANTO ITALY 40.433333N 17.266667E18961966 12.44
2095TARANTO II ITALY 40.475603N 17.223764E20012015 99.44
0990OTRANTO ITALY 40.133333N 18.500000E19611970 40.00
2096OTRANTO II ITALY 40.147150N 18.497089E20012015 100.00
2075BARI ITALY 41.140206N 16.866033E20012015 98.89
1262MANFREDONIA ITALY 41.616667N 15.916667E19691971 97.22
2087VIESTE ITALY 41.888083N 16.177011E20012015 98.89
0972ORTONA ITALY 42.350000N 14.400000E19601972 48.08
2097ORTONA II ITALY 42.355900N 14.414861E20012015 98.33
0101ANCONA ITALY 43.583333N 13.483333E18961972 23.05
2098ANCONA II ITALY 43.624767N 13.506517E20012015 100.00
0100PORTO CORSINI ITALY 44.500000N 12.283333E18961972 74.46
2144PORTO GARIBALDI ITALY 44.677900N 12.249400E20092019 95.45
0087VENEZIA (ARSENALE) ITALY 45.416667N 12.350000E18891913 95.67
2100VENEZIA II ITALY 45.418219N 12.426528E20012015 98.89
0039VENEZIA (S.STEFANO) ITALY 45.416667N 12.333333E18721920 97.96
0168VENEZIA (PUNTA DELLA SALUTE) ITALY 45.433333N 12.333333E19092000 94.11
0154TRIESTE ITALY 45.647361N 13.758472E18752020 86.87
2099TRIESTE II ITALY 45.649392N 13.757939E20012015 98.89
0744PORT ROYAL JAMAICA 17.933333N 76.850000W19541969 98.44
0772MONBETU I JAPAN 44.350000N 143.366667E19551978 92.01
1470MONBETU II JAPAN 44.350000N 143.366667E19782008 93.01
1104ABASHIRI JAPAN 44.019444N 144.285833E19652020 96.43
0139HANASAKI JAPAN 43.283333N 145.583333E19001977 79.49
1442HANASAKI II JAPAN 43.278056N 145.567778E19772020 98.86
0518KUSHIRO JAPAN 42.975556N 144.371389E19472020 97.41
0869URAKAWA I JAPAN 42.166667N 142.766667E19571970 86.90
1296URAKAWA II JAPAN 42.166667N 142.766667E19712008 94.08
1194MURORAN JAPAN 42.350000N 140.950000E19672008 96.63
0813HAKODATE I JAPAN 41.781667N 140.724722E19572020 98.57
0671HAKODATE II JAPAN 41.766667N 140.716667E19511966 84.38
1587TAPPI JAPAN 41.242500N 140.381389E19842020 99.10
1596YOSIOKA JAPAN 41.450000N 140.250000E19842008 92.00
1605ESASHI JAPAN 41.866667N 140.133333E19841996 98.72
0159OSHORO I JAPAN 43.216667N 140.866667E19061962 98.10
1027OSHORO II JAPAN 43.209444N 140.858056E19632020 100.00
1103WAKKANAI JAPAN 45.407778N 141.685278E19652020 85.27
0460HACHINOHE I JAPAN 40.533333N 141.533333E19411970 95.56
1266HACHINOHE II JAPAN 40.531667N 141.527778E19702011 95.83
0463MIYAKO I JAPAN 39.633333N 141.966667E19411966 94.55
1149MIYAKO II JAPAN 39.643056N 141.975278E19662020 92.12
1346KAMAISI II JAPAN 39.273333N 141.889167E19732020 94.10
1140OFUNATO I JAPAN 39.066667N 141.716667E19651973 92.59
1364OFUNATO II JAPAN 39.019722N 141.753333E19742020 97.70
0674ONAGAWA JAPAN 38.433333N 141.466667E19511960 75.00
0131AYUKAWA JAPAN 38.296667N 141.505278E19002020 68.94
1345SOMA JAPAN 37.830833N 140.962222E19732020 95.49
0635ONAHAMA JAPAN 36.937500N 140.891944E19512020 97.74
1544CHOSHI-GYOKO JAPAN 35.744444N 140.858333E19822019 96.93
0879CHOSHI I JAPAN 35.733333N 140.866667E19571963 83.33
1191KATSUURA JAPAN 35.129444N 140.249444E19672020 97.22
0359MERA JAPAN 34.918889N 139.825000E19312020 96.20
0673TUKIZI JAPAN 35.666667N 139.766667E19511960 81.67
1545TOKYO III JAPAN 35.648611N 139.770000E19822020 98.08
0881TOKYO I JAPAN 35.666667N 139.766667E19571963 90.48
1222TOKYO II JAPAN 35.650000N 139.766667E19681982 94.44
0952SIBAURA JAPAN 35.633333N 139.750000E19602008 95.75
0722YOKOSUKA JAPAN 35.288056N 139.651389E19542020 94.28
0130ABURATSUBO JAPAN 35.160278N 139.615278E19002020 98.14
1440KAMINATO II (HATIZYO SIMA) JAPAN 33.130278N 139.804722E19772020 97.92
1060MIYAKE SIMA JAPAN 34.067222N 139.480833E19642020 98.54
1061KOZU SIMA JAPAN 34.209167N 139.131667E19642020 91.96
1091OKADA JAPAN 34.789444N 139.391389E19652020 98.96
0876ITO I JAPAN 34.966667N 139.116667E19571967 88.64
1343ITO II JAPAN 34.895556N 139.133056E19732020 94.97
1064MINAMI IZU JAPAN 34.616667N 138.883333E19642008 97.22
0407UCHIURA JAPAN 35.017222N 138.890278E19372020 98.71
1437TAGO JAPAN 34.806944N 138.764167E19772020 95.83
0808SHIMIZU-MINATO JAPAN 35.011667N 138.517500E19572020 98.96
1438YAIZU JAPAN 34.870556N 138.327222E19772020 96.02
1263OMAEZAKI II JAPAN 34.608333N 138.222222E19702020 99.02
1089MAISAKA JAPAN 34.681944N 137.608889E19652020 99.26
1026ONISAKI JAPAN 34.903889N 136.823611E19632020 98.56
0860NAGOYA JAPAN 35.083333N 136.883333E19571979 94.57
1488NAGOYA II JAPAN 35.091389N 136.880833E19792020 99.40
0627TOBA JAPAN 34.466667N 136.850000E19501977 97.32
1146OWASE JAPAN 34.076389N 136.207222E19662020 92.73
1090URAGAMI JAPAN 33.558333N 135.896389E19652020 96.43
0134KUSHIMOTO JAPAN 33.475833N 135.773333E19002020 72.45
1150SHIRAHAMA JAPAN 33.683611N 135.375278E19662020 98.03
0701KAINAN JAPAN 34.144167N 135.191389E19532020 99.14
0816WAKAYAMA JAPAN 34.221667N 135.145556E19572020 98.70
0817TAN-NOWA JAPAN 34.338889N 135.178056E19572020 96.22
1099OSAKA JAPAN 34.658056N 135.432778E19652020 100.00
0846KOBE JAPAN 34.683333N 135.183333E19571992 96.53
1790KOBE II JAPAN 34.682222N 135.190278E19922020 98.56
1098SUMOTO JAPAN 34.340556N 134.906667E19652020 98.96
0812UNO JAPAN 34.488611N 133.949444E19572020 96.35
0749KURE II JAPAN 34.233333N 132.533333E19541961 85.42
1023KURE III JAPAN 34.233333N 132.550000E19621967 100.00
1209KURE IV JAPAN 34.240556N 132.550278E19682020 99.06
1028HIROSIMA JAPAN 34.353056N 132.464722E19632020 97.13
0669TOKUYAMA I JAPAN 34.033333N 131.800000E19511967 99.02
1210TOKUYAMA II JAPAN 34.040833N 131.802778E19682020 100.00
1184KOCHI II JAPAN 33.500000N 133.583333E19661980 90.00
1320KURE I JAPAN 33.333611N 133.243333E19722020 98.81
1567KOCHI III JAPAN 33.499167N 133.569167E19832020 91.89
0815TOSA SHIMIZU JAPAN 32.779167N 132.958889E19572020 97.66
0461UWAJIMA I JAPAN 33.233333N 132.550000E19411968 96.13
1212UWAJIMA II JAPAN 33.227222N 132.551111E19682020 98.27
0880MATSUYAMA I JAPAN 33.866667N 132.700000E19571963 86.90
1062MATSUYAMA II JAPAN 33.858889N 132.712222E19642020 98.54
0847TAKAMATSU JAPAN 34.350000N 134.050000E19571991 94.52
1789TAKAMATSU II JAPAN 34.351389N 134.056944E19922020 100.00
0809KOMATSUSHIMA JAPAN 34.009167N 134.587778E19572020 98.18
1390MUROTOMISAKI JAPAN 33.266389N 134.164444E19752020 99.64
0912MOZI JAPAN 33.950000N 130.966667E19582008 96.57
1293OITA II JAPAN 33.266111N 131.686667E19712020 99.00
0133HOSOJIMA JAPAN 32.428611N 131.669444E19002020 98.48
0814ABURATSU JAPAN 31.576944N 131.409444E19572020 99.35
1096NISINOOMOTE JAPAN 30.735000N 130.992222E19652020 98.21
1097ODOMARI JAPAN 31.023611N 130.689167E19652020 98.51
0868KAGOSHIMA I JAPAN 31.600000N 130.566667E19571972 91.15
1142MAKURAZAKI I JAPAN 31.266667N 130.300000E19651969 95.00
1265AKUNE JAPAN 32.017500N 130.190833E19702020 98.86
0810MISUMI JAPAN 32.623056N 130.451389E19572012 97.02
1102OURA JAPAN 32.976667N 130.220556E19652020 98.36
1386KUCHINOTSU JAPAN 32.605278N 130.195278E19752020 97.10
1100NAGASAKI JAPAN 32.735000N 129.866111E19652020 99.40
1101FUKUE JAPAN 32.696111N 128.849444E19652020 97.92
0672SASEBO I JAPAN 33.166667N 129.716667E19511966 89.58
1147SASEBO II JAPAN 33.158056N 129.723889E19662020 99.55
1318KARIYA JAPAN 33.473056N 129.849167E19722020 94.39
0661IZUHARA JAPAN 34.200000N 129.300000E19511984 89.46
1586IZUHARA II JAPAN 34.197778N 129.291667E19842020 96.85
1094HAKATA JAPAN 33.618889N 130.407778E19652020 98.36
0887NASE I JAPAN 28.383333N 129.500000E19571961 68.33
1018NASE II JAPAN 28.383333N 129.500000E19621980 96.93
1522NASE III JAPAN 28.500000N 129.500000E19812020 98.96
1105NAKANO SIMA JAPAN 29.841944N 129.847778E19652020 66.52
1388OKINAWA JAPAN 26.179444N 127.824444E19752020 94.93
1151NAHA JAPAN 26.213333N 127.665278E19662020 98.79
1411ISHIGAKI JAPAN 24.333333N 124.166667E19751986 97.92
1671ISHIGAKI II JAPAN 24.332222N 124.163611E19862020 97.14
1830SHIMONOSEKI III JAPAN 33.925000N 130.927778E19932012 92.92
0845SHIMONOSEKI I JAPAN 33.966667N 130.950000E19571993 94.59
0783SHIMONOSEKI II JAPAN 33.966667N 130.950000E19551960 86.11
1306HAGI JAPAN 34.433333N 131.416667E19711991 99.60
0094TONOURA JAPAN 34.900000N 132.066667E18941984 96.25
1585HAMADA II JAPAN 34.897222N 132.066111E19842020 99.10
0811SAKAI JAPAN 35.547778N 133.243056E19572020 96.74
1095SAIGO JAPAN 36.201389N 133.331111E19652020 100.00
1148TAJIRI JAPAN 35.593611N 134.315833E19662020 99.39
0872MIYAZU JAPAN 35.533333N 135.183333E19571969 90.38
0663MAIZURU I JAPAN 35.483333N 135.400000E19511981 97.85
1387MAIZURU II JAPAN 35.476667N 135.386944E19752020 97.83
1523MAIZURU III JAPAN 35.450000N 135.316667E19812008 95.83
1190MIKUNI JAPAN 36.254722N 136.148889E19672020 95.37
1389TOYAMA JAPAN 36.762222N 137.224722E19752020 98.73
0132WAJIMA JAPAN 37.405833N 136.900278E19002020 98.76
0753KASHIWAZAKI JAPAN 37.356667N 138.508333E19552020 95.08
1344OGI JAPAN 37.814722N 138.281111E19732020 96.53
1093AWA SIMA JAPAN 38.467778N 139.255000E19652020 96.13
0752NEZUGASEKI JAPAN 38.563333N 139.545833E19552020 92.17
1264OGA JAPAN 39.942222N 139.705833E19702020 98.37
0121IWASAKI JAPAN 40.583333N 139.916667E18981970 81.51
0679OMINATO JAPAN 41.250000N 141.150000E19522008 96.49
0721ASAMUSHI JAPAN 40.897500N 140.859167E19542020 98.51
1391CHICHIJIMA JAPAN 27.083333N 142.183333E19752020 99.28
1795ST HELIER (JERSEY) 2 JERSEY 49.183333N 2.116667W19922018 89.20
2183MOMBASA II KENYA 4.066667S 39.650000E19862018 75.51
2198LAMU B KENYA 2.271667S 40.903333E19952018 95.49
1381TARAWA-A,BETIO KIRIBATI 1.366667N 172.933333E19741983 73.33
1579TARAWA-B,BAIRIKI KIRIBATI 1.333333N 173.016667E19831988 79.17
1739TARAWA-C,BETIO KIRIBATI 1.366667N 172.933333E19881997 99.17
0575KANTON ISLAND KIRIBATI 2.800000S 171.716667W19491974 81.73
1329KANTON ISLAND-B KIRIBATI 2.816667S 171.716667W19722018 82.62
1361FANNING-B KIRIBATI 3.900000N 159.383333W19731987 90.56
0801CHRISTMAS ISLAND KIRIBATI 1.983333N 157.466667W19561972 91.67
1371CHRISTMAS ISLAND II KIRIBATI 1.983333N 157.483333W19742018 91.67
1007WONSAN KOREA, DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE'S REP39.166667N 127.450000E19621992 100.00
2260YEONGJONG DAEGYO KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 37.545556N 126.584444E20132019 90.48
2259YEONGHEUNGDO KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 37.238611N 126.428611E20132019 97.62
2146GULEOBDO KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 37.194444N 125.995278E20102019 87.50
2252GANGHWA DAEGYO KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 37.731944N 126.522222E20132019 94.05
2255INCHEONSONGDO KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 37.338056N 126.586111E20132019 94.05
0956INCHEON KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 37.451944N 126.592222E19602019 93.06
1908PYEONGTAEK KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 36.966667N 126.822778E19992019 90.87
1922ANSAN KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 37.192222N 126.647222E20022019 92.59
1699ANHEUNG KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 36.673611N 126.132222E19872019 97.73
2039DAESAN KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 37.007500N 126.352778E20072019 85.90
2258TAEAN KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 36.913056N 126.238889E20132019 89.29
1675BORYEONG KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 36.406389N 126.486111E19862019 97.79
2046OCHEONGDO KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 36.117222N 125.984722E20092019 93.94
2042JANGHANG KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 36.006944N 126.687778E20072019 83.33
0959KUNSAN KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 35.983333N 126.716667E19601999 20.00
1527GUNSAN (OUTER PORT) KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 35.975556N 126.563333E19812019 96.37
1628WIDO KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 35.618056N 126.301944E19852019 73.81
1924YEONGGWANG KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 35.426111N 126.420833E20022019 95.37
0954MOKPO KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 34.779722N 126.375556E19602019 98.61
1489HEUKSANDO KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 34.683889N 125.436389E19792019 97.36
1936MOSULPO KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 33.214444N 126.251111E20042019 98.44
1937SEONGSANPO KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 33.474722N 126.927778E20042019 97.92
2041GOHEUNG_BALPO KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 34.481111N 127.342778E20072019 90.38
1627SEOGWIPO KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 33.240000N 126.561667E19852019 99.05
1066JEJU KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 33.527500N 126.543056E19642019 98.66
1568WANDO KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 34.315278N 126.759722E19832019 98.65
1546GEOMUNDO KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 34.028333N 127.309167E19822019 99.34
1155YEOSU KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 34.747222N 127.765556E19662019 97.84
2043JINDO KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 34.377778N 126.308333E20072019 98.08
1446TONGYEONG KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 34.827500N 128.434722E19772019 99.22
1588CHUJADO KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 33.961667N 126.300278E19842019 96.76
2040GEOJEDO KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 34.801389N 128.699167E20072019 98.08
0970CHINHAE KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 35.150000N 128.650000E19601976 99.02
2044MASAN KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 35.210000N 128.588889E20072019 83.33
1445GADEOKDO KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 35.024722N 128.810833E19772019 94.77
2253GWANGYANG KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 34.903611N 127.754722E20132019 88.10
0955BUSAN KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 35.096111N 129.035556E19602019 98.75
2250BUSAN NEW PORT KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 35.077500N 128.786944E20132019 84.52
0997ULSAN KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 35.501944N 129.387222E19622019 96.55
1324POHANG KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 36.047222N 129.383889E19722018 96.28
1490ULLEUNG KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 37.491389N 130.913611E19792019 97.36
1923HUPO KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 36.677500N 129.453333E20022019 94.44
1108MUKHO KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 37.550278N 129.116389E19652019 97.12
2251DONGHAE PORT KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 37.494722N 129.143889E20132019 91.67
1365SOKCHO KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 38.207222N 128.594167E19742019 99.28
0037DAUGAVGRIVA LATVIA 57.050000N 24.033333E18721938 92.54
0026LIEPAJA LATVIA 56.533333N 20.983333E18651936 87.50
0118KLAIPEDA LITHUANIA 55.700000N 21.133333E18982018 91.87
0269MACAU MACAO 22.200000N 113.550000E19251985 96.72
0926NOSY-BE MADAGASCAR 13.400000S 48.283333E19581972 72.22
1676PULAU LANGKAWI MALAYSIA 6.430833N 99.764167E19862018 95.71
1595PULAU PINANG MALAYSIA 5.421667N 100.346667E19842018 92.62
1594LUMUT MALAYSIA 4.240000N 100.613333E19842018 93.10
1591PELABUHAN KELANG MALAYSIA 3.050000N 101.358333E19842018 89.52
1593TANJUNG KELING MALAYSIA 2.215000N 102.153333E19842018 93.57
1677KUKUP MALAYSIA 1.325278N 103.442778E19862018 97.22
0248JOHOR BAHRU MALAYSIA 1.461667N 103.791667E19232014 32.88
1702TANJUNG SEDILI MALAYSIA 1.931667N 104.115000E19872018 96.88
1678PULAU TIOMAN MALAYSIA 2.807222N 104.140000E19862018 92.68
1589TANJUNG GELANG MALAYSIA 3.975000N 103.430000E19842018 98.57
1592CENDERING MALAYSIA 5.265000N 103.186667E19842018 88.81
1703GETING MALAYSIA 6.226389N 102.106667E19872017 98.39
1819MIRI MALAYSIA 4.401111N 113.974444E19922015 56.25
1833BINTULU MALAYSIA 3.262222N 113.063889E19932018 82.05
1893SEJINGKAT MALAYSIA 1.582778N 110.422222E19972010 89.88
1879LABUAN 2 MALAYSIA 5.272778N 115.250000E19962018 95.65
1733KOTA KINABALU MALAYSIA 5.983333N 116.066667E19882018 92.47
1876KUDAT MALAYSIA 6.879444N 116.843611E19962018 85.87
1834SANDAKAN MALAYSIA 5.810000N 118.067222E19932018 91.03
1877LAHAT DATU MALAYSIA 5.018889N 118.346111E19962018 96.01
1734TAWAU MALAYSIA 4.233333N 117.883333E19882018 91.94
1707GAN II MALDIVES 0.683333S 73.150000E19872018 93.75
1753MALE-B, HULULE MALDIVES 4.183333N 73.533333E19892017 92.82
2184HANIMADHOO B MALDIVES 6.766667N 73.173333E20022018 88.24
1735MARSAXLOKK (FORMALLY VALLETTA) MALTA 35.820063N 14.532955E19882017 81.67
0665ENEWETOK MARSHALL ISLANDS 11.366667N 162.350000E19511972 95.83
0513KWAJALEIN MARSHALL ISLANDS 8.731667N 167.735000E19462020 98.00
1217MAJURO-B MARSHALL ISLANDS 7.100000N 171.366667E19681999 89.32
1838MAJURO-C MARSHALL ISLANDS 7.106028N 171.372806E19932020 98.21
0595WAKE ISLAND MARSHALL ISLANDS 19.290000N 166.616667E19502020 93.43
1942FORT-DE-FRANCE II MARTINIQUE 14.601500N 61.063202W19762019 39.58
0930GRAND PORT MAURITIUS 20.366667S 57.750000E19581960 55.56
0477PORT LOUIS MAURITIUS 20.150000S 57.500000E19421965 75.69
1673PORT LOUIS II MAURITIUS 20.150000S 57.500000E19862019 97.06
1672RODRIGUES IS MAURITIUS 19.666667S 63.416667E19862019 91.42
1642DZAOUDZI MAYOTTE 12.782054S 45.258150E19852019 45.24
0795ENSENADA MEXICO 31.850000N 116.633333W19561990 96.19
1457BAHIA SAN QUINTIN MEXICO 30.483333N 115.983333W19771990 93.45
1413GUADALUPE ISLAND II MEXICO 28.883333N 118.300000W19751985 59.09
1430ISLA DE CEDROS MEXICO 28.100000N 115.183333W19761989 71.43
1355CABO SAN LUCAS MEXICO 22.883333N 109.900000W19732003 75.81
0695LA PAZ MEXICO 24.166667N 110.350000W19521984 77.53
1410LORETO MEXICO 26.016667N 111.366667W19751988 52.98
1357BAHIA DE LOS ANGELES MEXICO 28.966667N 113.550000W19731994 70.08
0693GUAYMAS MEXICO 27.916667N 110.900000W19521989 86.62
0793TOPOLOBAMPO MEXICO 25.600000N 109.050000W19561990 75.24
0712MAZATLAN MEXICO 23.200000N 106.416667W19531990 61.40
0737MANZANILLO MEXICO 19.050000N 104.333333W19541988 80.24
1818MANZANILLO 2 MEXICO 19.066667N 104.300000W19922013 82.58
0686ACAPULCO MEXICO 16.833333N 99.916667W19522012 77.19
1015PUERTO ANGEL MEXICO 15.500000N 96.500000W19621986 71.00
0689SALINA CRUZ MEXICO 16.166667N 95.200000W19521990 80.98
0690PROGRESO MEXICO 21.300000N 89.666667W19522013 53.76
0796CIUDAD DEL CARMEN MEXICO 18.633333N 91.850000W19561990 86.90
0692COATZACOALCOS MEXICO 18.150000N 94.416667W19521990 71.58
0768ALVARADO MEXICO 18.766667N 95.766667W19551988 72.06
0918TUXPAN MEXICO 21.000000N 97.333333W19581990 71.46
1020CIUDAD MADERO MEXICO 22.250000N 97.800000W19621979 96.76
0528CHUUK, MOEN ISLAND MICRONESIA, FEDERATED STATES O 7.446667N 151.846667E19471995 83.33
1251YAP B MICRONESIA, FEDERATED STATES O 9.516667N 138.133333E19692018 90.83
1473KAPINGAMARANGI MICRONESIA, FEDERATED STATES O 1.100000N 154.783333E19782018 82.11
1370POHNPEI-B MICRONESIA, FEDERATED STATES O 6.983333N 158.233333E19742004 95.70
1925POHNPEI C MICRONESIA, FEDERATED STATES O 6.980528N 158.200222E20022020 95.61
0788MONACO (FONTVIEILLE) MONACO 43.728847N 7.421497E19562019 52.21
1075BAR MONTENEGRO 42.083333N 19.083333E19641991 94.94
0506VILLA SANJURJO MOROCCO 35.250000N 3.916667W19441949 98.61
0986MAPUTO MOZAMBIQUE 25.966667S 32.566667E19612001 40.04
1054MOZAMBIQUE ISLAND MOZAMBIQUE 15.033333S 40.733333E19631967 78.33
0421AKYAB MYANMAR 20.133333N 92.900000E19371942 86.11
2275SITTWE (AKYAB) MYANMAR 20.140000N 92.903333E20062018 60.26
0210RANGOON MYANMAR 16.766667N 96.166667E19161962 53.01
0747MOULMEIN MYANMAR 16.483333N 97.616667E19541964 97.73
2266MOULMEIN II MYANMAR 16.465000N 97.621667E20062018 76.92
0746AMHERST MYANMAR 16.083333N 97.566667E19541964 97.73
0914WALVIS BAY NAMIBIA 22.949306S 14.498544E19582015 53.59
1374NAURU NAURU 0.533333S 166.900000E19741994 91.27
1844NAURU-B NAURU 0.529417S 166.910056E19932020 92.56
0024DELFZIJL NETHERLANDS 53.326389N 6.933056E18652019 100.00
0236WEST-TERSCHELLING NETHERLANDS 53.363056N 5.220000E19212019 100.00
0025HARLINGEN NETHERLANDS 53.175556N 5.409444E18652019 100.00
0023DEN HELDER NETHERLANDS 52.964444N 4.745000E18652019 100.00
0032IJMUIDEN NETHERLANDS 52.462222N 4.554722E18712019 99.78
0022HOEK VAN HOLLAND NETHERLANDS 51.977500N 4.120000E18642019 100.00
0009MAASSLUIS NETHERLANDS 51.917500N 4.249722E18482019 100.00
1551ROOMPOT BUITEN NETHERLANDS 51.619722N 3.681944E19822019 100.00
0020VLISSINGEN NETHERLANDS 51.442222N 3.596111E18622019 100.00
0852NOUMEA-CHALEIX NEW CALEDONIA 22.300000S 166.433333E19571988 83.07
2237HIENGHENE NEW CALEDONIA 20.691993S 164.943122E19832017 15.71
2134NOUMEA-NUMBO NEW CALEDONIA 22.241966S 166.416218E20012019 78.07
2239MARE NEW CALEDONIA 21.547800S 167.877100E19942019 28.53
0217AUCKLAND-WAITEMATA HARBOUR NEW ZEALAND 36.843070S 174.769460E19171998 26.93
0150AUCKLAND II NEW ZEALAND 36.843070S 174.769460E19032000 95.83
0978MOTURIKI ISLAND NEW ZEALAND 37.631650S 176.184950E19602006 11.70
1590TAURANGA (SALISBURY WHARF) NEW ZEALAND 37.640990S 176.181100E19842019 87.50
1613GISBORNE NEW ZEALAND 38.675480S 178.022380E19842019 37.73
1750NAPIER NEW ZEALAND 39.475500S 176.919980E19892019 83.06
0221WELLINGTON HARBOUR NEW ZEALAND 41.284340S 174.779800E19182019 80.39
0500WELLINGTON II NEW ZEALAND 41.284340S 174.779800E19442001 95.26
0247PORT LYTTELTON NEW ZEALAND 43.605630S 172.721940E19232019 33.59
0259LYTTELTON II NEW ZEALAND 43.605630S 172.721940E19242000 88.96
0998TIMARU HARBOUR NEW ZEALAND 44.394140S 171.256130E19622019 40.23
1643PORT CHALMERS NEW ZEALAND 45.814700S 170.624140E19852019 65.24
0252DUNEDIN NEW ZEALAND 45.878680S 170.513360E19231963 16.46
0213BLUFF (SOUTHLAND HARBOUR) NEW ZEALAND 46.597650S 168.345400E19172018 30.80
0993GREYMOUTH NEW ZEALAND 42.450000S 171.200000E19611964 64.58
1004WESTPORT HARBOUR NEW ZEALAND 41.745600S 171.594670E19621995 27.45
0787NELSON NEW ZEALAND 41.261300S 173.272780E19562019 40.63
1621WANGANUI NEW ZEALAND 39.944640S 174.993230E19841988 83.33
0996PORT TARANAKI NEW ZEALAND 39.056180S 174.034390E19552019 80.13
1065WHANGAREI HARBOUR (MARSDEN POINT) NEW ZEALAND 35.757430S 174.350030E19642019 57.14
1920CHATHAM ISLAND NEW ZEALAND 43.946280S 176.561160W20012010 76.67
0389FORCADOS NIGERIA 5.350000N 5.350000E19341975 17.66
0821NORFOLK ISLAND NORFOLK ISLAND 29.058333S 167.953611E19572015 47.03
1474SAIPAN NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS 15.233333N 145.750000E19782018 88.01
0524VARDO NORWAY 70.374978N 31.104015E19472020 70.27
1257VADSO NORWAY 70.066667N 29.750000E19691987 90.35
0442BERLEVAG NORWAY 70.850000N 29.100000E19391944 70.83
1267HONNINGSVAG NORWAY 70.980318N 25.972697E19702020 95.42
0758HAMMERFEST NORWAY 70.664641N 23.683227E19552020 91.04
0680TROMSO NORWAY 69.647424N 18.961323E19522020 98.31
0425ANDENES NORWAY 69.326067N 16.134848E19382020 65.26
0681HARSTAD NORWAY 68.801261N 16.548236E19522020 95.41
0531EVENSKJAER NORWAY 68.583333N 16.550000E19471970 92.71
0312NARVIK NORWAY 68.428286N 17.425759E19282020 88.89
0045KABELVAG NORWAY 68.212639N 14.482149E18802020 54.26
0562BODO NORWAY 67.288290N 14.390813E19492020 87.96
1137SANDNESSJOEN NORWAY 66.016667N 12.633333E19651974 93.33
0781MOSJOEN NORWAY 65.850000N 13.200000E19551963 89.81
0803BRONNOYSUND NORWAY 65.483333N 12.216667E19561967 93.06
1241RORVIK NORWAY 64.859456N 11.230107E19692020 97.92
2271MAUSUND NORWAY 63.869330N 8.665230E20102020 92.42
0034TRONDHEIM NORWAY 63.433333N 10.433333E18721989 39.83
1748TRONDHEIM 2 NORWAY 63.436484N 10.391669E19892020 97.14
0313HEIMSJO NORWAY 63.425224N 9.101504E19282020 96.42
0682KRISTIANSUND NORWAY 63.113859N 7.734352E19522020 98.43
0509ALESUND NORWAY 62.469414N 6.151946E19452020 92.00
0398KJOLSDAL NORWAY 61.916667N 5.633333E19351988 84.72
0486MALOY NORWAY 61.933776N 5.113310E19432020 93.91
0058BERGEN NORWAY 60.398046N 5.320487E18832020 76.03
0047STAVANGER NORWAY 58.974339N 5.730121E18812020 69.23
0302TREGDE NORWAY 58.006377N 7.554759E19272020 96.90
1113HELGEROA NORWAY 58.995212N 9.856379E19652020 76.49
0401NEVLUNGHAVN NORWAY 58.966667N 9.883333E19351965 93.01
0062OSLO NORWAY 59.908559N 10.734510E18852020 78.92
0033OSCARSBORG NORWAY 59.678073N 10.604861E18722020 47.32
1759VIKER NORWAY 59.036046N 10.949769E19902020 97.04
1754SALALAH OMAN 16.933333N 54.000000E19892018 81.11
1887MASIRAH OMAN 20.683333N 58.866667E19962018 82.61
1716MUSCAT OMAN 23.633333N 58.566667E19871993 72.62
2185MUSCAT B OMAN 23.628333N 58.565000E20092018 87.50
0204KARACHI PAKISTAN 24.811667N 66.975000E19162016 57.10
1252MALAKAL-B PALAU 7.333333N 134.466667E19692018 96.00
0668PUERTO ARMUELLES PANAMA 8.266667N 82.866667W19511968 94.44
1571PUERTO ARMUELLES B PANAMA 8.266667N 82.866667W19832001 98.68
0163BALBOA PANAMA 8.966667N 79.566667W19082018 99.40
0581NAOS ISLAND PANAMA 8.918334N 79.550000W19491968 98.33
1783NAOS ISLAND 2 PANAMA 8.918333N 79.533333W19911998 79.17
1530COCO SOLO PANAMA 9.366667N 79.883333W19811996 94.27
0169CRISTOBAL PANAMA 9.350000N 79.916667W19092010 94.12
1303LAE PAPUA NEW GUINEA 6.750000S 147.000000E19712000 48.89
1607ALOTAU PAPUA NEW GUINEA 10.316667S 150.450000E19841995 54.86
0439PORT MORESBY PAPUA NEW GUINEA 9.483333S 147.133333E19391979 13.82
1610PORT MORESBY II PAPUA NEW GUINEA 9.483333S 147.133333E19841994 93.94
1164RABAUL PAPUA NEW GUINEA 4.200000S 152.183333E19661997 82.55
1608KAVIENG PAPUA NEW GUINEA 2.583333S 150.800000E19841998 91.67
1609MANUS ISLAND PAPUA NEW GUINEA 2.016667S 147.266667E19841994 69.70
1860LOMBRUM PAPUA NEW GUINEA 2.042083S 147.373778E19942020 89.81
1304WEWAK PAPUA NEW GUINEA 3.550000S 143.633333E19711994 45.14
1254MADANG PAPUA NEW GUINEA 5.216667S 145.800000E19691998 42.50
0475TALARA PERU 4.616667S 81.283333W19421983 95.63
2186TALARA B PERU 4.581667S 81.281667W19882014 87.96
0771CHIMBOTE PERU 9.083333S 78.633333W19551983 84.77
1274CALLAO 2 PERU 12.050000S 77.150000W19702017 98.09
0923SAN JUAN PERU 15.366667S 75.200000W19581983 72.44
0458MATARANI PERU 17.000000S 72.116667W19411988 90.10
2188MATARANI B PERU 17.001667S 72.108333W19922017 92.95
0548SAN FERNANDO, LA UNION PHILIPPINES 16.616667N 120.300000E19481989 14.09
1711SAN JOSE PHILIPPINES 12.333333N 121.083333E19872019 72.73
1705PORT IRENE PHILIPPINES 18.383333N 122.100000E19872006 89.58
2172CATICLAN MALAY AKLAN PHILIPPINES 11.950000N 121.933333E20112019 80.56
2151PULUPANDAN, NEGROS OCCIDENTAL PHILIPPINES 10.516667N 122.800000E20112019 60.19
2173CURRIMAO ILOCOS NORTE PHILIPPINES 17.983333N 120.483333E20112019 96.30
2157BALANACAN, MARINDUQUE PHILIPPINES 13.533333N 121.866667E20112019 84.26
2176SUBIC ZAMBALES PHILIPPINES 14.766667N 120.250000E20112019 100.00
0145MANILA, S. HARBOR PHILIPPINES 14.583333N 120.966667E19012019 84.59
0522LEGASPI, ALBAY PHILIPPINES 13.150000N 123.750000E19472019 94.06
2150VIRAC, CATANDUANES PHILIPPINES 13.583333N 124.233333E20112019 56.48
2035REAL QUEZON PHILIPPINES 14.666667N 121.600000E20092019 82.58
0664TACLOBAN, LEYTE PHILIPPINES 11.250000N 125.000000E19511976 90.06
0394CEBU PHILIPPINES 10.300000N 123.916667E19352019 79.71
2155BALINTANG, QUEZON, PALAWAN PHILIPPINES 9.350000N 118.133333E20112012 83.33
0207PUERTO PRINCESA, PALAWAN PHILIPPINES 9.750000N 118.733333E19162019 22.76
2156MATI, DAVAO ORIENTAL PHILIPPINES 6.950000N 126.216667E20112019 65.74
0537DAVAO, DAVAO GULF PHILIPPINES 7.083333N 125.633333E19482019 79.98
2152PAGADIAN CITY PHILIPPINES 7.816667N 123.433333E20112018 92.71
2153MAKAR, GENERAL SANTOS CITY PHILIPPINES 6.100000N 125.150000E20112019 87.04
2175ZAMBOANGA CITY PHILIPPINES 6.916667N 122.066667E20112019 90.74
0260JOLO, SULU PHILIPPINES 6.066667N 121.000000E19241996 62.44
2154MACABALAN PORT, CAGAYAN DE ORO PHILIPPINES 8.500000N 124.666667E20112019 90.74
2158TANDAG, SURIGAO DEL SUR PHILIPPINES 9.083333N 126.200000E20112019 94.44
2174MAMBAJAO CAMGUIN PHILIPPINES 9.250000N 124.733333E20112019 93.52
1708SURIGAO PHILIPPINES 9.783333N 125.500000E19872019 67.17
0064GDANSK/NOWY PORT POLAND 54.400000N 18.683333E18861999 89.47
0364GDYNIA POLAND 54.533333N 18.550000E19311970 35.00
0146HEL POLAND 54.600000N 18.800000E19011970 41.43
0645WLADYSLAWOWO POLAND 54.800000N 18.416667E19511999 100.00
0644USTKA POLAND 54.583333N 16.866667E19511999 100.00
0643KOLOBRZEG POLAND 54.183333N 15.550000E19511999 100.00
0002SWINOUJSCIE POLAND 53.916667N 14.233333E18111999 96.47
1482VIANA PORTUGAL 41.683333N 8.833333W19781985 87.50
0791LEIXOES PORTUGAL 41.183333N 8.700000W19562019 74.48
1402AVEIRO PORTUGAL 40.650000N 8.750000W19751996 81.06
0052CASCAIS PORTUGAL 38.683333N 9.416667W18821993 92.56
1336LISBON PORTUGAL 38.700000N 9.133333W19721985 97.62
1425SETROIA PORTUGAL 38.500000N 8.900000W19761996 91.27
1456SINES PORTUGAL 37.950000N 8.883333W19772019 80.43
0162LAGOS PORTUGAL 37.100000N 8.666667W19081999 78.35
0258PONTA DELGADA PORTUGAL 37.735583N 25.671408W19242018 62.98
1885PONTA DELGADA 2 PORTUGAL 37.733333N 25.666667W19782012 70.71
0380ANGRA DO HEROISMO PORTUGAL 38.650000N 27.233333W19331996 50.52
2171LAJES DAS FLORES PORTUGAL 39.378472N 31.168639W20062018 99.36
0843SANTA CRUZ DAS FLORES PORTUGAL 39.450000N 31.116667W19572009 61.95
1030FUNCHAL PORTUGAL 32.644000N 16.913067W19632008 53.99
2120CULEBRA PUERTO RICO 18.301667N 65.303334W20052013 75.93
2209ESPERANZA, VIEQUES PUERTO RICO 18.093333N 65.471667W20052020 81.25
0759MAGUEYES ISLAND PUERTO RICO 17.970000N 67.045000W19552020 95.45
1001SAN JUAN PUERTO RICO 18.458333N 66.115000W19622020 91.24
2121AGUADILLA PUERTO RICO 18.456667N 67.163333W20062012 82.14
2122MONA ISLAND PUERTO RICO 18.090000N 67.938333W20062020 86.11
1501POINTE DES GALETS RÉUNION 20.934924S 55.285005E19672019 63.99
0379CONSTANTZA ROMANIA 44.166667N 28.666667E19331997 95.00
0711RUSSKAYA GAVAN RUSSIAN FEDERATION 76.200000N 62.583333E19531991 97.65
0710RUSSKAIA GAVAN II RUSSIAN FEDERATION 76.183333N 62.583333E19531993 96.34
0859BELYI NOS RUSSIAN FEDERATION 69.600000N 60.216667E19571980 96.18
2025BUGRINO RUSSIAN FEDERATION 68.800000N 49.333300E19521990 77.78
1012KRENKELIA (HEISA OSTROV) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 80.616667N 58.050000E19621999 96.27
0609MALYE KARMAKULY RUSSIAN FEDERATION 72.366667N 52.700000E19502005 88.54
0684MURMANSK RUSSIAN FEDERATION 68.966667N 33.050000E19522019 97.79
0687MURMANSK II RUSSIAN FEDERATION 68.966667N 33.050000E19522011 98.06
2027POLYARNIY RUSSIAN FEDERATION 69.200000N 33.483300E19061990 71.76
2028TERIBERKA RUSSIAN FEDERATION 69.200000N 35.116700E19411990 93.50
0365LINAKHAMARI RUSSIAN FEDERATION 69.650000N 31.366667E19311939 99.07
2026MYS PIKSHUEVA RUSSIAN FEDERATION 69.550000N 32.433300E19551990 83.56
0651BOLVANSKII NOS (FEDOROVA) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 70.450000N 59.083333E19512018 70.22
0599AMDERMA RUSSIAN FEDERATION 69.750000N 61.700000E19502019 98.10
0600UST KARA RUSSIAN FEDERATION 69.250000N 64.516667E19502019 85.83
0732MORZHOVAIA (HARASAVEI MYS) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 71.416667N 67.583333E19541994 97.56
0647ZHELANIA II (ZHELANIA MYS) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 76.950000N 68.550000E19511996 97.46
0653POPOVA (BELYI OSTROV) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 73.333333N 70.050000E19502018 78.62
0767TADIBE-IAHA RUSSIAN FEDERATION 70.366667N 72.566667E19551989 100.00
1200SE-LAHA RUSSIAN FEDERATION 70.150000N 72.566667E19671992 89.42
1128ANTIPAIUTA RUSSIAN FEDERATION 69.083333N 76.850000E19651988 100.00
0704VISE (VISE OSTROV) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 79.500000N 76.983333E19532015 92.86
0654LESKINA (LESKINA MYS) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 72.316667N 79.566667E19511992 27.78
0611DIKSON RUSSIAN FEDERATION 73.500000N 80.400000E19502019 78.57
0707UEDINENIA (UEDINENIA OSTROV) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 77.500000N 82.200000E19531995 98.26
0917SOPOCHNAIA KARGA RUSSIAN FEDERATION 71.866667N 82.700000E19582019 95.43
0612STERLEGOVA (STERLEGOVA MYS) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 75.416667N 88.900000E19502019 83.45
0734ISACHENKO (ISACHENKO OSTROV) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 77.150000N 89.200000E19541994 97.56
0615PRAVDY (PRAVDY OSTROV) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 76.266667N 94.766667E19501994 99.44
0655RUSSKII (RUSSKII OSTROV) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 77.166667N 96.433333E19511994 86.17
0648GEIBERGA (GEIBERGA OSTROV) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 77.600000N 101.516667E19511995 97.96
0601FEDOROVA (CHELUSKIN MYS) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 77.716667N 104.300000E19502019 83.21
0736KOSYSTYI (KOSYSTYI MYS) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 73.650000N 109.733333E19541989 100.00
0657SVIATOI NOS (SVIATOI NOS MYS) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 72.833333N 140.733333E19511987 100.00
1006PESCHANYI (PESCHANYI MYS) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 79.433333N 102.483333E19621993 97.40
0646ANDREIA (ANDREIA OSTROV) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 76.800000N 110.750000E19511999 92.52
0620MALYI TAIMYR (MALYI TAIMYR OSTROV) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 78.083333N 106.816667E19501991 100.00
0667MARII PRONCHISHEVOI (BUKHTA) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 75.533333N 113.433333E19511970 100.00
1780ANABAR RUSSIAN FEDERATION 73.216667N 113.500000E19912019 96.55
0790TERPIAI-TUMSA RUSSIAN FEDERATION 73.550000N 118.666667E19561998 96.12
0610UST OLENEK RUSSIAN FEDERATION 73.000000N 119.866667E19502007 62.79
0640DUNAI (DUNAI OSTROV) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 73.933333N 124.500000E19512011 98.36
1019SAGYLLAH-ARY RUSSIAN FEDERATION 73.150000N 128.883333E19621980 100.00
0569TIKSI (TIKSI BUKHTA) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 71.583333N 128.916667E19492010 99.73
1399BYKOV MYS (BYKOV MYS) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 72.000000N 129.116667E19752003 64.37
0741MALYSHEVA (MALYSHEVA OSTROV) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 72.066667N 129.833333E19541980 30.25
0649MUOSTAH ( MUOSTAH OSTROV) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 71.550000N 130.033333E19511995 99.63
1497NAIBA RUSSIAN FEDERATION 70.850000N 130.750000E19791995 80.39
0735BUORHAIA (BUORHAIA MYS) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 71.950000N 132.766667E19541993 55.21
0709UADEI RUSSIAN FEDERATION 71.516667N 136.416667E19531994 28.17
0641KOTELNYI (KOTELNYI OSTROV) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 76.000000N 137.866667E19512019 99.03
0602SANNIKOVA (SANNIKOVA PROLIV) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 74.666667N 138.900000E19502019 97.62
0642KIGILIAH RUSSIAN FEDERATION 73.333333N 139.866667E19512019 99.64
0658ZEMLIA BUNGE RUSSIAN FEDERATION 74.883333N 142.116667E19511987 100.00
0603SHALAUROVA (SHALAUROVA MYS) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 73.183333N 143.233333E19502001 96.96
0797NEMKOVA (NEMKOVA OSTROV) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 71.416667N 150.750000E19562001 25.72
0937ZHOHOVA (ZHOHOVA OSTROV) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 76.150000N 152.833333E19591993 96.19
0604AMBARCHIK RUSSIAN FEDERATION 69.616667N 162.300000E19502014 78.85
0650CHETYREHSTOLBOVOI RUSSIAN FEDERATION 70.633333N 162.483333E19511994 98.30
0605RAU-CHUA RUSSIAN FEDERATION 69.500000N 166.583333E19502014 77.18
0730AION RUSSIAN FEDERATION 69.933333N 167.983333E19542007 88.89
0606PEVEK RUSSIAN FEDERATION 69.700000N 170.250000E19502015 90.03
0792VALKARKAI RUSSIAN FEDERATION 70.083333N 170.933333E19561993 96.27
0708BILLINGA RUSSIAN FEDERATION 69.883333N 175.766667E19531995 99.03
0616MYS SHMIDTA RUSSIAN FEDERATION 68.900000N 179.366667W19501994 98.52
0608VRANGELIA (VRANGELIA OSTROV) RUSSIAN FEDERATION 70.983333N 178.483333W19502009 85.83
0607VANKAREM RUSSIAN FEDERATION 67.833333N 175.833333W19502007 89.37
0621KOLUCHIN RUSSIAN FEDERATION 67.483333N 174.650000W19501991 100.00
0613NETTEN RUSSIAN FEDERATION 66.966667N 171.933333W19501995 97.28
0617RATMANOVA RUSSIAN FEDERATION 65.850000N 169.133333W19501993 92.61
0662PROVIDENIA RUSSIAN FEDERATION 64.416667N 173.233333W19511991 84.76
0227SUR SARI RUSSIAN FEDERATION 60.083333N 26.983333E19191936 94.91
0083VYBORG RUSSIAN FEDERATION 60.700000N 28.733333E18891944 92.26
0237PRIMORSK RUSSIAN FEDERATION 60.350000N 28.616667E19211939 96.05
1719KALININGRAD RUSSIAN FEDERATION 54.700000N 20.483333E19872019 22.47
0289PIONERSKY RUSSIAN FEDERATION 54.950000N 20.216667E19261986 86.48
0215TUAPSE RUSSIAN FEDERATION 44.100000N 39.066667E19172019 99.03
0546YUZHNO KURILSK RUSSIAN FEDERATION 44.016667N 145.866667E19481994 95.04
0827NAGAEVO RUSSIAN FEDERATION 59.550000N 150.716667E19572019 95.90
0824PETROPAVLOVSK-KAMCHATSKY RUSSIAN FEDERATION 52.983333N 158.650000E19572019 98.81
2246SAINT PIERRE ET MIQUELON SAINT PIERRE AND MIQUELON 46.778833N 56.168306W20122018 84.52
1840APIA B SAMOA 13.826778S 171.761306W19932020 96.43
0476DAKAR SENEGAL 14.633333N 17.450000W19421966 55.00
1816DAKAR 2 SENEGAL 14.683333N 17.416667W19922018 76.85
1846POINT LA RUE SEYCHELLES 4.666667S 55.533333E19932018 98.40
1183VICTORIA DOCK SINGAPORE 1.266667N 103.850000E19661981 91.67
1746TANJONG PAGAR SINGAPORE 1.266667N 103.850000E19892019 98.39
1534KEPPEL HARBOUR SINGAPORE 1.266667N 103.816667E19811989 92.59
2032BUKOM SINGAPORE 1.225643N 103.778463E20082019 100.00
1351RAFFLES LIGHT HOUSE SINGAPORE 1.166667N 103.750000E19732019 88.30
2068UBIN SINGAPORE 1.419428N 103.927775E20092019 91.67
2033TANJONG CHANGI SINGAPORE 1.390267N 103.998933E20082019 100.00
1248SULTAN SHOAL SINGAPORE 1.233333N 103.650000E19692019 90.85
2034TANAH MERAH SINGAPORE 1.312327N 103.988353E20082019 100.00
1275JURONG SINGAPORE 1.300000N 103.716667E19701997 94.64
1894TUAS (WEST JURONG) SINGAPORE 1.283333N 103.666667E19972013 97.55
0724SEMBAWANG SINGAPORE 1.466667N 103.833333E19542019 82.20
1895WEST COAST SINGAPORE 1.300000N 103.766667E19972019 98.55
1896WEST TUAS SINGAPORE 1.344427N 103.633982E19972019 89.86
1009KOPER SLOVENIA 45.548110N 13.724550E19621991 95.56
1817LUKA KOPER SLOVENIA 45.548110N 13.724550E19922003 91.67
1373HONIARA II SOLOMON ISLANDS 9.433333S 159.950000E19741994 93.25
1861HONIARA-B SOLOMON ISLANDS 9.428917S 159.955361E19942020 96.30
0826SIMONS BAY SOUTH AFRICA 34.187778S 18.440139E19572018 77.55
0820PORT ELIZABETH SOUTH AFRICA 33.951111S 25.629722E19572018 58.47
0284DURBAN SOUTH AFRICA 29.874203S 31.050761E19262018 37.81
0561PASAJES SPAIN 43.326578N 1.921807W19481963 97.92
2338PASAIA HARBOUR, SAN SEBASTIAN SPAIN 43.321764N 1.931514W20072019 93.59
1806BILBAO SPAIN 43.351530N 3.045130W19922018 97.84
0485SANTANDER I SPAIN 43.461300N 3.790800W19432018 97.15
1051SANTANDER II SPAIN 43.466242N 3.765541W19631974 97.22
1807SANTANDER III SPAIN 43.461300N 3.790760W19922018 97.53
1871GIJON II SPAIN 43.558030N 5.698350W19962018 97.10
0484LA CORUNA I SPAIN 43.368600N 8.397750W19432018 97.81
0763LA CORUNA II SPAIN 43.364347N 8.398887W19551997 76.16
1808LA CORUNA III SPAIN 43.357310N 8.389330W19922018 95.37
2308LANGOSTEIRA SPAIN 43.346530N 8.530120W20132018 94.44
2053FERROL 2 SPAIN 43.476180N 8.248510W20072018 98.61
1897VILLAGARCIA SPAIN 42.600722N 8.770019W19972018 95.08
2181MARIN SPAIN 42.406120N 8.691080W20102018 100.00
0483VIGO SPAIN 42.238000N 8.731000W19432018 98.14
1898VIGO II SPAIN 42.243140N 8.726000W19932018 97.76
0209CADIZ II SPAIN 36.527819N 6.311412W18801990 42.12
0985CADIZ III SPAIN 36.540100N 6.286200W19612018 97.41
1883HUELVA SPAIN 37.132020N 6.833690W19972018 99.24
1809BONANZA SPAIN 36.802210N 6.338130W19922018 93.52
2047SEVILLA-ESCLUSA SPAIN 37.331074N 5.995795W19922010 89.47
0490ALGECIRAS SPAIN 36.120770N 5.434973W19432002 81.11
2117ALGECIRAS B SPAIN 36.121400N 5.437060W20062018 92.95
2055ALGECIRAS 2 SPAIN 36.177000N 5.398380W20092018 90.00
0488TARIFA SPAIN 36.008600N 5.602600W19432018 93.53
2054TARIFA 2 SPAIN 36.006460N 5.603510W20092018 91.67
0496MALAGA SPAIN 36.712700N 4.415460W19442013 82.26
1810MALAGA II SPAIN 36.711840N 4.417090W19922018 96.60
1940MOTRIL 2 SPAIN 36.720240N 3.523600W20052018 98.81
1455ALMERIA SPAIN 36.832228N 2.484951W19771997 89.29
2056ALMERIA 2 SPAIN 36.830020N 2.478350W20062018 96.15
1460CARTAGENA SPAIN 37.597321N 0.974345W19771987 84.09
0208ALICANTE (OUTER HARBOUR) SPAIN 38.338271N 0.477877W19161996 64.81
0960ALICANTE (INNER HARBOUR) SPAIN 38.338920N 0.481229W19601997 96.93
1813VALENCIA SPAIN 39.442030N 0.311280W19942018 98.00
2058GANDIA SPAIN 38.995210N 0.151390W20072018 94.44
2059SAGUNTO SPAIN 39.633920N 0.206240W20072018 91.67
1811BARCELONA SPAIN 41.341770N 2.165700E19932018 96.15
2182TARRAGONA SPAIN 41.078970N 1.213250E20112018 93.75
1764L'ESTARTIT SPAIN 42.053832N 3.206448E19902019 100.00
1087PALMA SPAIN 39.550000N 2.620000E19641966 97.22
1892PALMA DE MALLORCA SPAIN 39.552381N 2.638912E19972018 84.85
2061PALMA DE MALLORCA 2 SPAIN 39.560150N 2.637480E20092018 90.83
2063ALCUDIA SPAIN 39.834560N 3.138980E20092018 90.83
2062MAHON SPAIN 39.893040N 4.270560E20092018 89.17
1932IBIZA SPAIN 38.911230N 1.449840E20032018 98.44
2060FORMENTERA SPAIN 38.734660N 1.419030E20092018 85.00
0498CEUTA SPAIN 35.892400N 5.315890W19442018 96.56
2057MELILLA SPAIN 35.290610N 2.928530W20082018 94.70
0593ARRECIFE SPAIN 28.971864N 13.530058W19492018 81.55
1710ARRECIFE-D SPAIN 28.965827N 13.537869W19872001 90.00
2048FUERTEVENTURA SPAIN 28.492510N 13.858220W20042018 96.11
2051HIERRO SPAIN 27.784108N 17.901611W20042018 94.44
2066ARRECIFE 2 SPAIN 28.971880N 13.530060W20082018 96.21
0585SANTA CRUZ DE LA PALMA SPAIN 28.679722N 17.766388W19491960 90.28
0568SANTA CRUZ DE LA PALMA B SPAIN 28.672022N 17.768686W19492018 73.93
2064LA PALMA SPAIN 28.677800N 17.767950W20072018 87.50
2065LA GOMERA SPAIN 28.087770N 17.108310W20072018 96.53
0303SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE I SPAIN 28.477182N 16.241156W19271990 88.67
1803TENERIFE SPAIN 28.477217N 16.241117W19922018 93.83
2050GRANADILLA SPAIN 28.085280N 16.489640W20032011 90.74
0590LAS PALMAS, PUERTO DE LA LUZ SPAIN 28.136327N 15.425688W19491955 89.29
0565LAS PALMAS C (PUERTO DE LA LUZ) SPAIN 28.146709N 15.407609W19492018 67.26
1802LAS PALMAS D SPAIN 28.140560N 15.411810W19922018 93.21
2049ARINAGA SPAIN 27.846910N 15.401460W20032011 95.37
2194COLOMBO C SRI LANKA 6.935000N 79.858333E20062016 95.45
1690PORT SUDAN SUDAN 19.633333N 37.116667E19861994 94.44
0541BARENTSBURG SVALBARD AND JAN MAYEN 78.066667N 14.250000E19482019 93.17
0547BARENTSBURG II (SPITSBERGEN) SVALBARD AND JAN MAYEN 78.066667N 14.250000E19482013 92.93
1421NY-ALESUND SVALBARD AND JAN MAYEN 78.928545N 11.938015E19762020 94.44
0140STROMSTAD SWEDEN 58.950000N 11.183333E19001967 90.56
2113KUNGSVIK SWEDEN 58.996667N 11.127222E19732020 98.78
0179SMOGEN SWEDEN 58.353611N 11.217778E19112020 100.00
0097BACKEVIK SWEDEN 58.366667N 11.250000E18951928 100.00
2360UDDEVALLA SWEDEN 58.347500N 11.894722E20102020 90.91
2112STENUNGSUND SWEDEN 58.093333N 11.832500E19622020 94.07
2133GOTEBORG-RINGON SWEDEN 57.716667N 11.966667E18871958 98.61
0074GOTEBORG - KLIPPAN SWEDEN 57.683333N 11.900000E19591968 100.00
1236GOTEBORG - TORSHAMNEN SWEDEN 57.684722N 11.790556E19692020 99.68
2331ONSALA SWEDEN 57.392000N 11.919000E20152020 91.67
2111RINGHALS SWEDEN 57.249722N 12.112500E19672020 95.22
0073VARBERG SWEDEN 57.100000N 12.216667E18871981 99.82
0330KLAGSHAMN SWEDEN 55.522222N 12.893611E19292020 98.91
2108SKANOR SWEDEN 55.416667N 12.829444E19922020 99.43
0323LIMHAMN SWEDEN 55.583333N 12.933333E19281936 93.52
2109BARSEBACK SWEDEN 55.756389N 12.903333E19372020 73.12
2110VIKEN SWEDEN 56.142222N 12.579167E19762020 99.26
0072YSTAD SWEDEN 55.416667N 13.816667E18871986 100.00
2107SIMRISHAMN SWEDEN 55.557500N 14.357778E19822020 98.93
0070KUNGSHOLMSFORT SWEDEN 56.105278N 15.589444E18872020 99.94
2106OSKARSHAMN SWEDEN 57.275000N 16.478056E19602020 98.63
0069OLANDS NORRA UDDE SWEDEN 57.366111N 17.097222E18872020 100.00
2105VISBY SWEDEN 57.639167N 18.284444E19162020 99.60
0170NEDRE NYKOPING SWEDEN 58.750000N 17.016667E19091920 94.44
2359ARKO SWEDEN 58.484167N 16.960556E20142020 90.48
2104MARVIKEN SWEDEN 58.553611N 16.837222E19642019 97.92
0068LANDSORT SWEDEN 58.742222N 17.865278E18872006 99.72
2132LANDSORT NORRA SWEDEN 58.768889N 17.858889E20042020 95.59
0031NEDRE SODERTALJE SWEDEN 59.200000N 17.616667E18691970 100.00
0078STOCKHOLM SWEDEN 59.324167N 18.081667E18892020 100.00
0077GRONSKAR SWEDEN 59.283333N 19.033333E18881932 100.00
2103FORSMARK SWEDEN 60.408611N 18.210833E19752020 98.73
0090BJORN SWEDEN 60.633333N 17.966667E18921976 100.00
0099NEDRE GAVLE SWEDEN 60.683333N 17.166667E18961986 99.91
0122DRAGHALLAN SWEDEN 62.366667N 17.533333E18981967 100.00
1211SPIKARNA SWEDEN 62.363333N 17.531111E19682020 98.58
2102SKAGSUDDE SWEDEN 63.190556N 19.012500E19822018 74.55
0088RATAN SWEDEN 63.986111N 20.895000E18922020 99.81
0203FURUOGRUND SWEDEN 64.915833N 21.230556E19162020 99.76
2101KALIX SWEDEN 65.696944N 23.096111E19742020 98.23
0545KEELUNG II TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA 25.133333N 121.733333E19481995 98.26
1356KAOHSIUNG II TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA 22.533333N 120.316667E19731996 97.92
1600ZANZIBAR TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF 6.150000S 39.183333E19842018 96.43
0446KO TAPHAO NOI THAILAND 7.833333N 98.433333E19402019 93.44
2230PANWA CAPE THAILAND 7.801389N 98.406389E20132014 83.33
1792KO MATTAPHON THAILAND 10.450000N 99.250000E19922019 94.64
0174KO LAK THAILAND 11.800000N 99.816667E19102019 75.23
0444FORT PHRACHULA CHOMKLAO (POM PHRACHUN) THAILAND 13.550000N 100.583333E19402019 95.31
0449KO SICHANG THAILAND 13.150000N 100.816667E19402002 95.37
1842NUKU'ALOFA B TONGA 21.136806S 175.180694W19932020 98.81
0415PORT OF SPAIN TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO 10.650000N 61.516667W19371992 22.32
1927TRABZON II TURKEY 41.000000N 39.733333E20022009 83.33
1926IGNEDA TURKEY 41.883333N 28.016667E20022009 86.46
1919AMASRA TURKEY 41.433333N 32.233333E20012009 89.81
2010MARMARA EREGLISI TURKEY 40.966667N 27.966667E20042009 79.17
1598ERDEK TURKEY 40.383333N 27.850000E19842009 82.05
1679MENTES/IZMIR TURKEY 38.433333N 26.716667E19852009 88.67
1680BODRUM II TURKEY 37.033333N 27.416667E19852009 80.33
1681ANTALYA II TURKEY 36.833333N 30.616667E19852009 84.67
2020ISKENDERUN II TURKEY 36.594444N 36.180556E20052009 100.00
2009ERDEMLI TURKEY 36.566667N 34.250000E20032009 91.67
1452FUNAFUTI TUVALU 8.533333S 179.216667E19771999 92.39
1839FUNAFUTI B TUVALU 8.502472S 179.195167E19932020 95.24
0042SEVASTOPOL UKRAINE 44.616667N 33.533333E18751994 94.44
0830LERWICK UNITED KINGDOM 60.154028N 1.140306W19572019 87.70
1109WICK UNITED KINGDOM 58.440972N 3.086306W19652019 92.12
0944INVERGORDON UNITED KINGDOM 57.683333N 4.166667W19591971 96.15
1281BUCKIE UNITED KINGDOM 57.666667N 2.966667W19701982 99.36
0361ABERDEEN I UNITED KINGDOM 57.144056N 2.077361W19312019 87.92
0021ABERDEEN II UNITED KINGDOM 57.150000N 2.083333W18621965 99.52
1074ROSYTH UNITED KINGDOM 56.016667N 3.450000W19641993 98.89
0802LEITH UNITED KINGDOM 55.983333N 3.166667W19561971 80.73
1526LEITH II UNITED KINGDOM 55.989833N 3.181694W19812018 73.25
0190DUNBAR UNITED KINGDOM 56.005930N 2.516880W19131973 63.39
0095NORTH SHIELDS UNITED KINGDOM 55.007444N 1.439778W18952019 92.67
1505WHITBY UNITED KINGDOM 54.490000N 0.614694W19802019 81.67
0286IMMINGHAM UNITED KINGDOM 53.630222N 0.187417W19262019 57.18
1632CROMER UNITED KINGDOM 52.934361N 1.301639E19852017 86.11
0754LOWESTOFT UNITED KINGDOM 52.473111N 1.750111E19552019 94.62
0214FELIXSTOWE UNITED KINGDOM 51.957694N 1.346556E19172011 60.88
0742HARWICH UNITED KINGDOM 51.948000N 1.292139E19542019 49.49
1224WALTON ON THE NAZE UNITED KINGDOM 51.850000N 1.266667E19681978 87.12
0334SOUTHEND UNITED KINGDOM 51.514450N 0.723780E19292015 78.83
0335TILBURY UNITED KINGDOM 51.466667N 0.366667E19292013 67.35
0336TOWER PIER UNITED KINGDOM 51.500000N 0.083333E19292013 65.39
0003SHEERNESS UNITED KINGDOM 51.445639N 0.743444E18322018 55.61
2276HERNE BAY UNITED KINGDOM 51.381987N 1.115560E20022014 60.90
2277DEAL UNITED KINGDOM 51.223783N 1.409167E20062014 59.26
0255DOVER UNITED KINGDOM 51.114389N 1.322667E19242018 81.49
1548NEWHAVEN UNITED KINGDOM 50.781778N 0.057028E19822019 83.99
0350PORTSMOUTH UNITED KINGDOM 50.802250N 1.111250W19302019 62.59
2280ARUN PLATFORM UNITED KINGDOM 50.769830N 0.492148W20082013 90.28
2278SANDOWN PIER UNITED KINGDOM 50.651110N 1.153160W20062014 62.04
2281LYMINGTON UNITED KINGDOM 50.740296N 1.507122W20082014 83.33
2279SWANAGE PIER UNITED KINGDOM 50.609330N 1.949184W20082014 92.86
1878BOURNEMOUTH UNITED KINGDOM 50.714333N 1.874861W19962013 95.83
1773WEYMOUTH UNITED KINGDOM 50.608500N 2.447944W19912018 88.39
2282WEST BAY HARBOUR UNITED KINGDOM 50.708867N 2.764100W20082014 70.24
2283TEIGNMOUTH PIER UNITED KINGDOM 50.543862N 3.492145W20082012 68.33
0982DEVONPORT UNITED KINGDOM 50.368389N 4.185250W19612019 93.22
0202NEWLYN UNITED KINGDOM 50.103000N 5.542833W19152019 98.10
2284PORT ISAAC UNITED KINGDOM 50.594190N 4.834412W20102014 83.33
1855ST. MARYS UNITED KINGDOM 49.917861N 6.317222W19942015 80.30
1214ILFRACOMBE UNITED KINGDOM 51.211139N 4.112389W19682019 68.27
1758HINKLEY POINT UNITED KINGDOM 51.210611N 3.131333W19902019 91.39
2011PORTBURY UNITED KINGDOM 51.500000N 2.728472W20092018 63.33
0257AVONMOUTH UNITED KINGDOM 51.507667N 2.712750W19242012 89.98
2285SEVERN BRIDGE UNITED KINGDOM 51.570117N 2.700017W20122014 91.67
1832NEWPORT UNITED KINGDOM 51.550000N 2.987444W19932019 73.77
0967SWANSEA UNITED KINGDOM 51.616667N 3.916667W19601985 42.95
1732MUMBLES UNITED KINGDOM 51.570000N 3.975444W19882014 67.90
0066MILFORD HAVEN (NEWTON NOYES) UNITED KINGDOM 51.700000N 5.016667W18861983 33.25
1700MILFORD HAVEN (HAKIN) UNITED KINGDOM 51.707389N 5.051528W19872019 81.31
0939FISHGUARD UNITED KINGDOM 52.013222N 4.983750W19591987 88.22
1731FISHGUARD II UNITED KINGDOM 52.013222N 4.983750W19882019 80.73
1771BARMOUTH UNITED KINGDOM 52.719333N 4.045028W19912015 73.67
0005HOLYHEAD UNITED KINGDOM 53.313944N 4.620444W18382019 38.97
1854LLANDUDNO UNITED KINGDOM 53.331667N 3.825222W19942019 86.22
0765BIRKENHEAD (ALFRED DOCK) UNITED KINGDOM 53.400000N 3.016667W19551991 48.65
1774LIVERPOOL (GLADSTONE DOCK) UNITED KINGDOM 53.449694N 3.018000W19912018 82.44
0936HEYSHAM UNITED KINGDOM 54.031833N 2.920250W19592019 81.83
1794WORKINGTON UNITED KINGDOM 54.650722N 3.567167W19922019 96.43
1215PORTPATRICK UNITED KINGDOM 54.842556N 5.120028W19682011 96.02
0755MILLPORT UNITED KINGDOM 55.749806N 4.906333W19552019 76.79
1772ISLAY (PORT ELLEN) UNITED KINGDOM 55.627583N 6.189917W19912011 93.65
1491TOBERMORY UNITED KINGDOM 56.623111N 6.064222W19792019 71.14
1112ULLAPOOL UNITED KINGDOM 57.895250N 5.157889W19652019 81.06
0314STORNOWAY UNITED KINGDOM 58.207806N 6.388972W19282019 57.79
1775KINLOCHBERVIE UNITED KINGDOM 58.456611N 5.050361W19912019 83.91
1867PORTRUSH UNITED KINGDOM 55.206778N 6.656833W19952019 87.67
0861BELFAST UNITED KINGDOM 54.600000N 5.916667W19571979 64.49
0219BELFAST 2 UNITED KINGDOM 54.600000N 5.916667W19171963 98.58
1856BANGOR UNITED KINGDOM 54.664750N 5.669472W19942016 73.91
1372FRENCH FRIGATE SHOALS UNITED STATES 23.866667N 166.283333W19742006 94.44
2192FRENCH FRIGATE SHOALS B UNITED STATES 23.868333N 166.288333W20072018 70.14
2129PORT ALLEN, HANAPEPE BAY, KAUAI ISLAND UNITED STATES 21.903333N 159.591667W19891996 97.92
0756NAWILIWILI BAY, KAUAI ISLAND UNITED STATES 21.953333N 159.355000W19552020 98.74
0155HONOLULU UNITED STATES 21.306667N 157.866667W19052020 100.00
2347BARBERS POINT UNITED STATES 21.320000N 158.120000W20092018 89.17
0823MOKUOLOE ISLAND UNITED STATES 21.431667N 157.790000W19572020 86.46
2273LANAI ISLAND, KAUMALAPAU UNITED STATES 20.780000N 156.900000W20072015 85.19
0521KAHULUI HARBOR, MAUI ISLAND UNITED STATES 20.895000N 156.476667W19472020 93.24
2128KAWAIHAE, HAWAII ISLAND UNITED STATES 20.036667N 155.830000W19882020 89.14
0300HILO, HAWAII ISLAND UNITED STATES 19.730000N 155.055000W19272020 84.13
0491MASSACRE BAY UNITED STATES 52.833333N 173.200000E19431966 88.89
0487ADAK SWEEPER COVE UNITED STATES 51.863333N 176.631667W19432020 91.67
2303ATKA, NAZAN BAY UNITED STATES 52.231667N 174.173333W20072020 89.88
0390DUTCH HARBOR UNITED STATES 53.900000N 166.533333W19341955 64.02
0757UNALASKA UNITED STATES 53.880000N 166.536667W19552020 88.38
1857PRUDHOE BAY, ALASKA UNITED STATES 70.400000N 148.526667W19942020 95.37
1800NOME, ALASKA UNITED STATES 64.500000N 165.430000W19922020 81.32
2302KING COVE, DEER PASSAGE UNITED STATES 55.061667N 162.326667W20052020 94.79
1634SAND POINT, POPOF IS., AK UNITED STATES 55.336667N 160.501667W19852020 99.07
2304VILLAGE COVE, ST. PAUL ISLAND UNITED STATES 57.125000N 170.285000W20022020 72.37
1179ST. PAUL'S HARBOR, KODIAK UNITED STATES 57.745000N 152.481667W19661984 61.84
2301ALITAK, LAZY BAY UNITED STATES 56.898333N 154.246667W20062020 92.78
0567KODIAK ISLAND, WOMENS BAY UNITED STATES 57.731667N 152.511667W19492020 71.53
1067ANCHORAGE UNITED STATES 61.238333N 149.890000W19642020 85.96
1350NIKISKI, ALASKA UNITED STATES 60.683333N 151.396667W19732020 54.17
1070SELDOVIA UNITED STATES 59.440000N 151.720000W19642020 95.61
0266SEWARD UNITED STATES 60.120000N 149.426667W19252020 87.24
1353VALDEZ UNITED STATES 61.125000N 146.361667W19732020 96.01
0566CORDOVA UNITED STATES 60.558333N 145.751667W19492020 79.05
2300ELFIN COVE, PORT ALTHORP UNITED STATES 58.195000N 136.346667W19912020 51.67
0445YAKUTAT UNITED STATES 59.548333N 139.733333W19402020 96.50
0426SITKA UNITED STATES 57.051667N 135.341667W19382020 99.50
2299PORT ALEXANDER UNITED STATES 56.246667N 134.646667W20072020 93.45
0495SKAGWAY UNITED STATES 59.450000N 135.326667W19442020 81.71
0405JUNEAU UNITED STATES 58.298333N 134.411667W19362020 96.47
0225KETCHIKAN UNITED STATES 55.331667N 131.625000W19192020 99.02
0385NEAH BAY UNITED STATES 48.366667N 124.611667W19342020 97.22
2298LA PUSH UNITED STATES 47.913333N 124.636667W20022020 85.53
2127PORT ANGELES, WASHINGTON UNITED STATES 48.125000N 123.440000W19752020 98.37
1633CHERRY POINT UNITED STATES 48.863333N 122.756667W19852020 98.15
0384FRIDAY HARBOR (OCEAN. LABS.) UNITED STATES 48.546667N 123.010000W19342020 98.37
1354TOKE POINT, WILLIPA BAY, WA UNITED STATES 46.706667N 123.966667W19732020 92.19
0127SEATTLE UNITED STATES 47.601667N 122.338333W18992020 99.93
1325PORT TOWNSEND UNITED STATES 48.111667N 122.756667W19722020 98.64
0265ASTORIA (TONGUE POINT) UNITED STATES 46.206667N 123.768333W19252020 98.70
1285GARIBALDI UNITED STATES 45.553333N 123.918333W19701980 89.39
1541DEPOE BAY UNITED STATES 44.810000N 124.056667W19811982 100.00
1196SOUTH BEACH UNITED STATES 44.625000N 124.041667W19672020 99.85
2214GARIBALDI II UNITED STATES 45.555000N 123.918333W20052020 96.35
1269CHARLESTON II UNITED STATES 43.345000N 124.321667W19702020 95.75
1640PORT ORFORD UNITED STATES 42.738333N 124.498333W19852020 89.81
0378CRESCENT CITY UNITED STATES 41.745000N 124.181667W19332020 96.50
1639N. SPIT, HUMBOLDT BAY UNITED STATES 40.766667N 124.216667W19852020 100.00
2125ARENA COVE, CALIFORNIA UNITED STATES 38.913333N 123.706667W19782020 81.01
1394POINT REYES UNITED STATES 37.995000N 122.976667W19752020 98.73
0010SAN FRANCISCO UNITED STATES 37.806667N 122.465000W18542020 99.60
0437ALAMEDA (NAVAL AIR STATION) UNITED STATES 37.771667N 122.298333W19392020 99.09
2330PORT CHICAGO, CALIFORNIA UNITED STATES 38.055000N 122.040000W19762020 97.41
1663SAN MATEO UNITED STATES 37.583333N 122.250000W19851988 91.67
2329REDWOOD CITY, CALIFORNIA UNITED STATES 37.506667N 122.211667W19832020 62.94
1352MONTEREY UNITED STATES 36.605000N 121.886667W19732020 97.92
0508PORT SAN LUIS UNITED STATES 35.176667N 120.760000W19452020 94.19
1013RINCON ISLAND UNITED STATES 34.348333N 119.441667W19621990 90.80
2126SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA UNITED STATES 34.408333N 119.685000W19732020 61.46
0377SANTA MONICA (MUNICIPAL PIER) UNITED STATES 34.008333N 118.500000W19332020 89.87
0245LOS ANGELES UNITED STATES 33.720000N 118.271667W19232020 98.13
0717ALAMITOS BAY ENTRANCE UNITED STATES 33.750000N 118.116667W19531965 95.51
0766NEWPORT BAY UNITED STATES 33.603333N 117.881667W19551990 98.38
0883SAN CLEMENTE ISLAND UNITED STATES 33.000000N 118.550000W19571962 51.39
0256LA JOLLA (SCRIPPS PIER) UNITED STATES 32.866667N 117.256667W19242020 96.13
0158SAN DIEGO (QUARANTINE STATION) UNITED STATES 32.713333N 117.173333W19062020 98.48
0497PORT ISABEL UNITED STATES 26.060000N 97.215000W19442020 96.10
1038PORT MANSFIELD UNITED STATES 26.553333N 97.421667W19632020 66.67
0919PADRE ISLAND UNITED STATES 26.068333N 97.151667W19581990 72.47
0922PORT ARANSAS, H. CALDWELL PIER UNITED STATES 27.826667N 97.050000W19581984 28.40
0538ROCKPORT UNITED STATES 28.021667N 97.046667W19482020 84.59
0725FREEPORT UNITED STATES 28.948333N 95.308333W19542008 96.97
0828GALVESTON I, PLEASURE PIER, TX UNITED STATES 29.285000N 94.788333W19572011 89.39
0161GALVESTON II, PIER 21, TX UNITED STATES 29.310000N 94.793333W19082020 99.19
0920SABINE PASS UNITED STATES 29.705000N 93.853333W19581985 67.56
1835SABINE PASS NORTH UNITED STATES 29.728333N 93.870000W19932020 85.71
0440EUGENE ISLAND UNITED STATES 29.371667N 91.385000W19391974 92.13
2297USCG FREEPORT, TEXAS UNITED STATES 28.943333N 95.301667W20062020 89.44
1903CORPUS CHRISTI, GULF MEXICO, TX UNITED STATES 27.583333N 97.216667W19982020 99.64
0526GRAND ISLE UNITED STATES 29.263333N 89.956667W19472020 95.83
2328NEW CANAL STATION, LOUISIANA UNITED STATES 30.026667N 90.113333W19822020 63.46
2296SHELL BEACH, LOUISIANA UNITED STATES 29.868333N 89.673333W19822020 33.97
1884WAVELAND, GULF OF MEX., MS UNITED STATES 30.281667N 89.366667W19962005 73.33
1511SOUTH PASS UNITED STATES 28.990000N 89.140000W19801999 75.42
1715BAY WAVELAND YACHT CLUB UNITED STATES 30.325000N 89.325000W19871995 75.00
1156DAUPHIN ISLAND UNITED STATES 30.250000N 88.075000W19662020 79.70
2215BAY WAVELAND YACHT CLUB II UNITED STATES 30.326390N 89.325780W19782020 70.16
2327MOBILE STATE DOCKS, ALABAMA UNITED STATES 30.705000N 88.040000W19842020 41.22
0246PENSACOLA UNITED STATES 30.403333N 87.210000W19232020 98.30
1641PANAMA CITY, ST.ANDREWS BAY, FL UNITED STATES 30.151667N 85.666667W19852020 96.06
1193APALACHICOLA UNITED STATES 29.726667N 84.981667W19672020 93.98
1714TURKEY POINT UNITED STATES 29.915000N 84.511667W19871995 86.11
1136ST. MARKS UNITED STATES 30.066667N 84.183333W19651975 73.48
1670SHELL POINT, WALKER CREEK UNITED STATES 30.060000N 84.290000W19851986 95.83
0199CEDAR KEY I UNITED STATES 29.133333N 83.033333W19141925 97.92
0428CEDAR KEY II UNITED STATES 29.135000N 83.031667W19382020 94.38
1638CLEARWATER BEACH UNITED STATES 27.978333N 82.831667W19852020 78.94
0520ST. PETERSBURG UNITED STATES 27.760000N 82.626667W19472020 99.89
1106FORT MYERS UNITED STATES 26.646667N 81.870000W19652020 92.71
1107NAPLES UNITED STATES 26.131667N 81.806667W19652020 96.58
0188KEY WEST UNITED STATES 24.555000N 81.806667W19132020 99.23
1701VACA KEY UNITED STATES 24.711667N 81.105000W19872020 92.89
1187MARATHON SHORES UNITED STATES 24.733333N 81.033333W19661974 90.74
1424KEY COLONY BEACH UNITED STATES 24.718333N 81.016667W19761998 73.91
0363MIAMI BEACH UNITED STATES 25.768333N 80.131667W19311981 91.50
1717HAULOVER PIER UNITED STATES 25.903333N 80.120000W19871992 90.28
1696LAKE WORTH PIER UNITED STATES 26.611667N 80.033333W19702020 46.41
1669PALM BEACH UNITED STATES 26.700000N 80.050000W19851986 87.50
0270DAYTONA BEACH UNITED STATES 29.233333N 81.000000W19251969 53.15
1182DAYTONA BEACH SHORES UNITED STATES 29.146667N 80.963333W19661983 76.39
1858VIRGINIA KEY, FL UNITED STATES 25.730000N 80.161667W19942020 98.46
2326MAYPORT (BAR PILOTS DOCK), FLORIDA UNITED STATES 30.398333N 81.428333W19952020 79.17
0316MAYPORT UNITED STATES 30.393333N 81.431667W19282000 99.20
0716JACKSONVILLE UNITED STATES 30.350000N 81.616667W19531968 93.75
2123TRIDENT PIER, PORT CANAVERAL UNITED STATES 28.415000N 80.591667W19942020 95.99
0112FERNANDINA BEACH UNITED STATES 30.671667N 81.465000W18972020 86.02
0395FORT PULASKI UNITED STATES 32.033333N 80.901667W19352020 98.84
1537BEAUFORT UNITED STATES 32.433333N 80.666667W19811985 83.33
0234CHARLESTON I UNITED STATES 32.781667N 79.925000W19212020 99.25
1721GENERAL DYNAMICS PIER UNITED STATES 33.016667N 79.916667W19871990 100.00
1651SOUTH ISLAND PLANTATION, WINYAH BAY UNITED STATES 33.235000N 79.203333W19851995 79.55
1720BUCKSPORT, WACCAMAW R. UNITED STATES 33.646667N 79.095000W19871990 85.42
1444SPRINGMAID PIER UNITED STATES 33.655000N 78.918333W19772019 80.04
0862MYRTLE BEACH UNITED STATES 33.683333N 78.885000W19571977 63.89
1431SOUTHPORT UNITED STATES 33.915000N 78.018333W19761988 71.79
2294CAPE HATTERAS, NORTH CAROLINA UNITED STATES 35.223333N 75.635000W19782003 95.83
0396WILMINGTON UNITED STATES 34.226667N 77.953333W19352020 98.16
2295BEAUFORT, NORTH CAROLINA UNITED STATES 34.720000N 76.670000W19732020 100.00
0719MOREHEAD CITY UNITED STATES 34.716667N 76.733333W19531962 91.67
1636DUCK PIER OUTSIDE UNITED STATES 36.183333N 75.746667W19852020 96.99
0945VIRGINIA BEACH UNITED STATES 36.850000N 75.966667W19591970 70.83
0399PORTSMOUTH (NORFOLK NAVY YARD) UNITED STATES 36.821667N 76.293333W19351987 97.96
2325OREGON INLET MARINA, NORTH CAROLINA UNITED STATES 35.795000N 75.548333W19772020 62.69
0462RICHMOND UNITED STATES 37.566667N 77.450000W19411967 94.44
1635CHESAPEAKE BAY BR. TUN. UNITED STATES 36.966667N 76.113333W19852017 98.48
0299SEWELLS POINT, HAMPTON ROADS UNITED STATES 36.946667N 76.330000W19272020 99.20
0597GLOUCESTER POINT UNITED STATES 37.246667N 76.500000W19502003 91.05
1295CAMBRIDGE II UNITED STATES 38.573333N 76.068333W19712020 97.67
0481CAMBRIDGE UNITED STATES 38.575000N 76.071667W19421951 87.50
2324LEWISETTA, VIRGINIA UNITED STATES 37.995000N 76.465000W19702020 94.61
0360WASHINGTON DC UNITED STATES 38.873333N 77.021667W19312020 98.33
0971PINEY POINT, MARYLAND UNITED STATES 38.133333N 76.533333W19601973 77.38
0412SOLOMON'S ISLAND (BIOL. LAB.) UNITED STATES 38.316667N 76.451667W19372020 95.24
1203GINGERVILLE CREEK UNITED STATES 38.958333N 76.555000W19671973 100.00
0311ANNAPOLIS (NAVAL ACADEMY) UNITED STATES 38.983333N 76.480000W19282020 95.70
0148BALTIMORE UNITED STATES 39.266667N 76.578333W19022020 99.37
1338MATAPEAKE UNITED STATES 38.956667N 76.355000W19721983 76.39
0636KIPTOPEKE BEACH UNITED STATES 37.165000N 75.988333W19512020 98.33
1337INDIAN RIVER INLET UNITED STATES 38.610000N 75.070000W19721983 86.81
0224LEWES (BREAKWATER HARBOR) UNITED STATES 38.781667N 75.120000W19192020 76.55
2292OCEAN CITY INLET UNITED STATES 38.328333N 75.091667W19972020 81.60
0135PHILADELPHIA (PIER 9N) UNITED STATES 39.933333N 75.141667W19002020 97.11
1654TRENTON UNITED STATES 40.188333N 74.755000W19851990 100.00
0786REEDY POINT UNITED STATES 39.558333N 75.573333W19562020 64.23
1153CAPE MAY UNITED STATES 38.968333N 74.960000W19662020 91.97
0180ATLANTIC CITY UNITED STATES 39.355000N 74.418333W19112020 92.80
2293WACHAPREAGUE UNITED STATES 37.606667N 75.686667W19782020 75.19
2323TOLCHESTER BEACH, MARYLAND UNITED STATES 39.213333N 76.245000W19832020 72.59
0366SANDY HOOK UNITED STATES 40.466667N 74.008333W19322020 97.85
0012NEW YORK (THE BATTERY) UNITED STATES 40.700000N 74.013333W18562020 90.40
1637BERGEN POINT, STATEN IS. UNITED STATES 40.636667N 74.141667W19852020 85.42
0519MONTAUK UNITED STATES 41.048333N 71.960000W19472020 91.22
0875PLUM ISLAND UNITED STATES 41.166667N 72.200000W19571968 85.42
0848PORT JEFFERSON UNITED STATES 40.950000N 73.076667W19571990 95.10
2322KINGS POINT, NEW YORK UNITED STATES 40.810000N 73.765000W19982020 96.01
0362WILLETS POINT UNITED STATES 40.793333N 73.781667W19312000 96.67
0856NEW ROCHELLE UNITED STATES 40.893333N 73.781667W19571981 91.67
1068BRIDGEPORT UNITED STATES 41.173333N 73.181667W19642020 95.76
0429NEW LONDON UNITED STATES 41.360000N 72.090000W19382020 95.98
0430PROVIDENCE (STATE PIER) UNITED STATES 41.806667N 71.400000W19382020 85.04
0351NEWPORT UNITED STATES 41.505000N 71.326667W19302020 98.17
0776BUZZARDS BAY UNITED STATES 41.741667N 70.616667W19551976 95.83
0367WOODS HOLE (OCEAN. INST.) UNITED STATES 41.523333N 70.671667W19322020 94.19
1111NANTUCKET ISLAND UNITED STATES 41.285000N 70.096667W19652020 97.62
0235BOSTON UNITED STATES 42.353333N 71.053333W19212020 99.08
0288SEAVEY ISLAND UNITED STATES 43.080000N 70.741667W19261986 87.16
2291FORT POINT, NEWCASTLE ISLAND UNITED STATES 43.071667N 70.711667W20032019 84.31
2321FORT POINT, NEW HAMPSHIRE UNITED STATES 43.071667N 70.710000W20032017 88.33
0183PORTLAND (MAINE) UNITED STATES 43.656667N 70.246667W19122020 99.77
1279ROCKLAND UNITED STATES 44.105000N 69.101667W19701987 84.72
0525BAR HARBOR, FRENCHMAN BAY, ME UNITED STATES 44.391667N 68.205000W19472020 89.08
1524CUTLER II UNITED STATES 44.641667N 67.296667W19812010 85.56
1081CUTLER UNITED STATES 44.650000N 67.216667W19641977 97.62
0332EASTPORT UNITED STATES 44.903333N 66.981667W19292020 93.12
0523MIDWAY ISLAND UNITED STATES MINOR OUTLYING I28.211667N 177.360000W19472020 95.27
0598JOHNSTON ISLAND UNITED STATES MINOR OUTLYING I16.738333N 169.530000W19472018 90.39
2341PALMYRA ISLAND B UNITED STATES MINOR OUTLYING I 5.883000N 162.088000W20122018 85.71
0433COLONIA URUGUAY 34.483333S 57.850000W19381995 75.86
0431MONTEVIDEO (PUNTA LOBOS) URUGUAY 34.900000S 56.250000W19382018 80.25
0434PUNTA DEL ESTE URUGUAY 34.966667S 54.950000W19381993 56.70
0764LA PALOMA URUGUAY 34.650000S 54.150000W19552018 70.96
1841PORT VILA B VANUATU 17.755333S 168.307694E19932020 96.43
0782PUERTO DE HIERRO VENEZUELA, BOLIVARIAN REPUBLIC10.616667N 62.083333W19551963 93.52
1053GUIRIA VENEZUELA, BOLIVARIAN REPUBLIC10.566667N 62.283333W19631968 91.67
1495VUNGTAU VIET NAM 10.333333N 107.066667E19792013 99.05
2268VUNG TAU II VIET NAM 10.340000N 107.071667E20072018 93.06
1449QUINHON VIET NAM 13.766667N 109.250000E19772013 99.10
2267QUI NHON II VIET NAM 13.775000N 109.255000E20072018 82.64
1475DANANG VIET NAM 16.100000N 108.216667E19782013 100.00
1003HONNGU VIET NAM 18.800000N 105.766667E19622013 84.46
0841HONDAU VIET NAM 20.666667N 106.800000E19572013 99.56
1393CHARLOTTE AMALIE VIRGIN ISLANDS, U.S. 18.335000N 64.920000W19752020 79.35
1447LIME TREE BAY, ST CROIX VIRGIN ISLANDS, U.S. 17.693333N 64.753333W19772020 82.01
2118CHRISTIANSTED HARBOUR VIRGIN ISLANDS, U.S. 17.750000N 64.705000W20062020 93.33
2119LAMESHUR BAY VIRGIN ISLANDS, U.S. 18.316667N 64.723333W20062020 90.00
2244LEAVA WALLIS AND FUTUNA 14.296023S 178.160225W19862019 18.87
0044ADEN YEMEN 12.788333N 44.974167E18792013 50.31