Using C-LIM filter

Experimental NOAA/ESRL/PSL and CIRES/University of Colorado Forecast
NEWC-LIM VERSION 3.2beta: Interim update.
Resolution improved to 2x2 degree, replaced NCEP R1 winds with CFSR winds, and updates one day sooner.

Data filtered using C-LIM filter, based upon the result that the eigenvectors of the system's dynamical evolution operator separate into two distinct, but nonorthogonal, subspaces: one governing the nearly uncoupled subseasonal dynamics ("internal"), and the other governing the strongly coupled longer term dynamics ("coupled"). The OLR, wind, and SST anomalies are projected into these two subspaces, but no temporal filtering is applied. In particular, it is unnecssary to either remove a portion regressed against an ENSO index or to remove any seasonal (such as a prior 120-day) mean.

Please note: If you acquire C-LIM-filtered OLR, wind, and SST anomalies from NOAA/PSL and CIRES/University of Colorado, we ask that you acknowledge us in your use of the data. This may be done by including a citation in any documents or publications using these data, for example: "C-LIM-filtered OLR/wind/SST Anomalies data provided by the NOAA/ESRL Physical Sciences Laboratory and CIRES/Climate Diagnostics Center, Boulder, CO from their website at, based upon the model described in Newman et al. (2009)." We would also greatly appreciate receiving a copy of the relevant publication. This will help NOAA/PSL and CIRES/University of Colorado to justify keeping the C-LIM data freely available online in the future. Thank you!