example of timeseries of Pacific indices
Example of timeseries of Pacific indices

Download Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly Indices:

Please, note: in order to use the Time Series presented on this website in the PSL Interactive Tools for "Custom" use the pathname: /Datasets/Timeseries/Filename, where the "Filename" is taken from the tables. For example: /Datasets/Timeseries/CAR_ersst.data.
Click on a "Filename" to get the Time series and download information, courtesy of the NOAA/PSL-CIRES CU.

Seasonally Smoothed SST Indices:

Caribbean IndexCAR_ersst.data
Equatorial Atlantic IndexEA_ersst.data
Optimal Structure and SST field Correlation COROPT (old, ICOADS version)
Hawaiian IndexHAW_ersst.data
Indian Ocean IndexIND_ersst.data
Nino3.4 IndexNina_34_ersst.data
Nino4 IndexNina4_ersst.data
North Tropical Atlantic IndexNTA_ersst.data
South Tropical Atlantic IndexSTA_ersst.data
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If you acquire LIM Pacific SST Anomalies and PDO Forecasts products from our website, we ask that you acknowledge us in your use of the data. For example:

LIM SST Anomalies Forecast data provided by the NOAA Physical Science Laboratory and CIRES CU, Boulder, Colorado, from their website at https://psl.noaa.gov/.