Jonathan Beverley

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Postdoctoral Associate


Atmosphere-Ocean Processes and Predictability




(303) 497-5673

Research Interests

  • Tropical-extratropical teleconnections
  • Subseasonal-to-seasonal forecasting
  • El Niño-Southern Oscillation
  • Climate Change


  • Ph.D., Atmosphere, Oceans and Climate, University of Reading, Dec 2019
  • B.Sc., Meteorology and Climate, University of Reading, Jul 2014

Selected Publications

  • Beverley, J. D., M. Newman and A. Hoell, 2023: Rapid Development of Systematic ENSO-Related Seasonal Forecast Errors. Geophysical Research Letters, DOI:
  • Beverley, J. D., M. Collins, F. H. Lambert and R. Chadwick, 2021: Future Changes to El Niño Teleconnections over the North Pacific and North America. Journal of Climate, DOI:
  • Beverley, J. D., S. J. Woolnough, L. H. Baker, S. J. Johnson, A. Weisheimer and C. H. O'Reilly, 2021: Dynamical mechanisms linking Indian monsoon precipitation and the circumglobal teleconnection. Climate Dynamics, DOI:
  • Beverley, J. D., S. J. Woolnough, L. H. Baker, S. J. Johnson and A. Weisheimer, 2018: The northern hemisphere circumglobal teleconnection in a seasonal forecast model and its relationship to European summer forecast skill. Climate Dynamics, DOI: