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Model Evaluation, Analysis

Community Atmosphere Model (CAM5) ESRL Runs:

Precip Anomalies (wrt Neutral) for May La Ninas sample run13:

TX OK Precip Variances:
All times, per run:

All mays, per run:

All El Nino Mays, per run:

All ENSO Neutral Mays, per run:

All La Nina Mays, per run:

All times, cumulative runs:

Thus, the right-most case "14" contains data from all 14 runs.
All mays, cumulative runs:

All El Nino Mays, cumulative runs:

All ENSO Neutral Mays, cumulative runs:

All La Nina Mays, cumulative runs:

Corresponding Time Series:
All runs, All times:

Where different runs are different colors, and the horizontal axis is time in units of 'days since 1869-01-01.'

Mays only:


Global Precip May Standard Deviations:
For each run:


Focusing in on sample run13 Mays, Global Precip Maps:
for each year: