Taneil Uttal

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Supervisory Meteorologist


Boundary Layer Observations and Processes




(303) 497-6409


Research Interests

  • Studies of the the Arctic system (clouds, radiation, aerosols, atmospheric composition, permafrost, sea-ice forecasting) using assemblages of observation based data sets collected at Arctic Atmospheric Observatories.

Selected Publications

  • Taneil Uttal, Judith A. Curry, Miles G. Mcphee, Donald K. Perovich, Richard E. Moritz, James A. Maslanik, Peter S. Guest, Harry L. Stern, James A. Moore, Rene Turenne, Andreas Heiberg, Mark. C. Serreze, Donald P. Wylie, Ola G. Persson, Clayton A. Paulson, Christopher Halle, James H. Morison, Patricia A. Wheeler, Alexander Makshtas, Harold Welch, Matthew D. Shupe, Janet M. Intrieri, Knut Stamnes, Ronald W. Lindsey, Robert Pinkel, W. Scott Pegau, Timothy P. Stanton and Thomas C. Grenfeld. 2002: Surface Heat Budget of the Arctic Ocean. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society: Vol. 83, No. 2, pp. 255–275.
  • Taneil Uttal, Alexander Makshtas and Tuomas Laurila, 2013: The Tiksi International Hydrometeorological Observatory. Bulletin of the World Meteorological Organization, Vol. 62, No.1.

Professional Activities

Honors and Awards

  • United States Department of Commerce Bronze Medal Award for “Outstanding leadership in bringing together an unprecedented concentration of multi-agency instruments and scientists for the SHEBA experiment”
  • NOAA Administrators Award for “For exemplary leadership in implementing an atmospheric climate observatory at Eureka, Nunavut, Canada”