Wind Profiler Database: Contacts and References

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If you have any questions about the profiler data or comments about this Web site, please contact:

Physical Sciences Laboratory NOAA Earth System Research Laboratories
325 Broadway, R/PSL
Boulder, CO 80305
email: phone: 303-497-5476

Data Acknowledgement

If you download any of these data, please send to the above contact a 1-2 sentence description of your intended use so that we can inform you of other analysis programs underway on related topics and can keep you apprised of any developments regarding quality control. If you use these data in publications, please acknowledge the NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory, Dr. Kenneth S. Gage, Program Leader. Also, we would appreciate receiving a preprint or reprint of any publications utilizing these profiler data for inclusion in our profiler bibliography. These publications should be sent to:

NOAA Earth System Research Laboratories
325 Broadway, PSL
Boulder, CO 80305


Some refereed publications which describe these data include:

Angevine, W.M., and J.I. MacPherson, Comparison of wind profiler and aircraft wind measurements at Chebogue Point, Nova Scotia, Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 12, 421-426, 1995.

Carter, D.A., K.S. Gage, W.L. Ecklund, W.M. Angevine, P.E. Johnston, A.C. Riddle, J. Wilson, and C.R. Williams, Developments in UHF lower tropospheric wind profiling at NOAA's Aeronomy Laboratory, Radio Science, 30, 977-1001, 1995.

Hartten, L.M., Reconciliation of surface and profiler winds at ISS sites, Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 15, 826-834, 1998.

Riddle, A.C., W.M. Angevine, W.L. Ecklund, E.R. Miller, D.B. Parsons, D.A. Carter, and K.S. Gage, In situ and remotely sensed horizontal winds and temperature intercomparisons obtained using Integrated Sounding Systems during TOGA COARE, Contributions of Atmospheric Physics, 69, 49-61, 1996.

Technical Reports:

Miller, E.R., and A.C. Riddle, TOGA COARE Integrated Sounding System Data Report - Volume IA, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO 80307, June 1994.
This document contains a full description of the profiler system, data collection, and data analysis procedures. Other volumes in that set, Volumes X through XVIII, give further details pertinent to individual sites and show daily plots of the available data

A bibliography of published research using tropical profilers affiliated with the NOAA Aeronomy Lab (updated quarterly): Tropical Profiler Research Publications