PSL scientists run model simulations to compare the effects of various climate forcing signals on the atmosphere over time. This page allows you to download monthly output from some of those simulations. See the documentation pages for more information.

The boxes below allow you to refine a search for particular data available in this collection. Each box provides a list of all available selections for that option, so some combinations of selections will find no data. You can skip a particular box to search for all available data with that option. Refine your search using the boxes and use the Search button to search the database. If any data is found that matches your search, a list of available files will be displayed to the right of the boxes. Use the Download Data button to download any of the checked datasets in the list or the Get Download Script button to retrieve a shell script to download the data in the background.

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CITATION REQUEST: When using model or observational data obtained through FACTS in a publication, please provide a citation in the paper to the original underlying data source. This includes both downloading data and creating analysis figures through FACTS. A list of original sources for citation is here.