Polar Observations and Processes

Tundra in Tiksi, Russia Arctic Ocean sunset observing equipment NOAA researcher in the Arctic Tiksi scenery observatory building
The PSL Polar Observations and Processes team works to understand the mechanisms that control the changing Arctic climate. We make detailed observations of such things as cloud properties, atmospheric and surface radiation, aerosols, gases and weather patterns at Intensive Arctic Atmospheric Observatories. Measurements are taken with instruments such as radar, lidar and radiometers and will not only allow us to better understand why change is occurring, but will also provide calibrated, high quality measurements that will better track the long-term trends that are presently difficult to determine accurately in the remote polar regions of the planet.
Our primary observation sites are Eureka and Alert Canada, and Barrow, Alaska. We are in the process of working in partnership with the Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring to establish a new Observatory in Tiksi, Russia.

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