Observatory at Eureka, Canada

A successful collaboration between the U.S. NOAA-SEARCH Atmosphere Program, the Canadian CANDAC Program, Meteorological Services Canada and the University of Wisconsin Lidar Group resulted in the installation of a cloud radar and cloud-aerosol lidar in Eureka, Canada in August of 2004. These instruments are the first of a comprehesive suite of radar, lidars, radiometers, wind profilers, inteferometers, chemistry and aerosol sensors that will be part of a long term Atmospheric Observatory at the Eureka site.

Daily updates are made at this site of observations from the radar (pdf description) and the lidar (Lidar description at U of W). More comprehensive data products for the lidar can be found at http://lidar.ssec.wisc.edu/syst/ahsrl/ahsrl_data.htm.

Eureka Data Management Plan

Contact: Taneil.Uttal@noaa.gov

Eureka, Canada observatory
Did you know...In 1989, barometers in Eureka measured 1079.6Hpa, the highest sea level pressure ever measured in Canada.

Data Browser

View plots of the following instrument data at Eureka:

  • Meteorological measurements
  • Soil measurements
  • Radiation measurements
  • Cloud properties


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