A Study of Environmental Arctic Change (SEARCH)
Arctic Atmospheric Observatories

The NOAA Atmospheric Observatory program is establishing long-term, intensive measurements of clouds, radiation, aerosols, surface energy fluxes and chemistry in Eureka/Alert Canada and Tiksi, Russia. These measurements will allow comparison with similar observatory measurements in Barrow, Alaska. The three sites in combination encompass 3 different major Arctic climate regimes. The locations and measurement suite has been carefully designed so that the collected data can be used to determine the mechanisms that drive climate change through a combination of process studies, satellite validation and modeling work. It is anticipated that the Atmospheric Observatory sites will also be the focus of a number of interdisciplinary measurements of regional hydrology, permafrost, ecosystems and the cryosphere that will link the atmospheric measurements into the broader Arctic system. The program is heavily leveraged against Canadian and Russian programs, and has a vigorous interagency cooperation with NSF and DOE.

An integral part of this program is the support of international networks for observing the earth's atmosphere including:

Alert, Nunavut, Canada