Please re-download 2022 files for these variables if you downloaded them betweeen Mar 2 and Apr 7 2020. There was an issue with some of the time steps for Feb 2022: acpcp air.sfc albedo apcp bgrun cape ccond cfrzr cicep cin cnwat crain csnow dlwrf dswrf evap gflux hpbl lftx4 lhtfl pevap pottmp.sfc prate pres.sfc rcq rcs rcsol rct shtfl snod snohf snom snowc ssrun ulwrf.sfc uswrf.sfc veg vis weasd. This includes 8x daily and daily. In addition, download the monthly data (or just monthly for Feb 2022).

3-Hourly NCEP North American Regional Reanalysis (NARR) Composites

Plot composites (averages) of the hourly mean. NARR dataset. NARR data is available from Jan 1979 to Aug 31, 2023 for 0z,3z,6z,9z,12z,15z,18z,21z Note that accumulated precipitation is accumlated from the time to 3 hours later. The precipitation rate is the forecast for 3 hours later. In general for precipitation, you should use accumulated precipitation.

The NARR dataset is very high resolution. Please have patience while plots are being created.

? Variable: Level: Variable/Level list
? Enter dates for composites :

Format: yyyy mm dd hh
OR File with Dates Optional Plot Label replaces list of dates.
Plot Label:
? Lag: Plot composites for hours before or after dates chosen
? Color? Shading:
? Plot type? Mean
? Scale plot size (%)   Plot contour labels? No Yes
? Reverse colorbar: No Yes
? Override default contour interval? Interval: Range: low high
? Spatial Resolution: 1x1 0.3x0.3 degrees
? Map Region

? Custom projection:
Lowest lat: (-90 to 90) Highest lat:
Western-most longitude (0 to 360): Eastern-most longitude:
CUSTOM projection:
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