Create a monthly/seasonal mean time series from the NCEP Reanalysis Dataset

Create a timeseries of monthly/seasonal mean values (Directions). Output is organized by year for the rows and by month (January to December) across columns for monthy values. Simply save the browser page containing the timeseries output in order to use it in the correlations with NCEP Reanalysis monthly means web page. The program will calculate closest latitudes and longitudes to those input. To use one gridpoint, type in same begin/end latitude and longitude values.To calculate a zonal mean use 0 to 360.

Variable? Analysis level? (choose monolevel for non-pressure level variables,non-tropopause)
Latitude? (N to S, e.g, 4 to -4) Longitude? (W to E, e.g. 180 to 200 or -10 to 20. Use degrees east.)
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Monthly   Seasonal average --
First month of season: second month:
Area weight grids?   No    Yes

Output format:  Raw data values   Plot data