Create a monthly or seasonal time series of climate variables.

Created timeseries can be used in other pages for analysis. See "Related time series analysis tools".

Available Datasets

Note: For 20CRv3 and NCEP/DOE Reanalysis 2, we are redirecting users to the WRIT time-series page to extract time-series. It goes back to 1806 and has many variables.

Name Date Range Information
NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis monthly means 1948-Apr 2024 INFO
20th Century Reanalysis V2c monthly means 1851-Dec 2014 INFO
Interpolated OLR 1974-Dec 2022 INFO
NOAA/NCEI Climate Division: Temp,Precip, PDSI, HDD, and CDD 1895-Apr 2024 INFO
Kaplan SST V2 1856-Jan 2023 INFO
U of Delaware Precipitation 1900-Dec 2017 INFO