Datasets available for monthly composites

DatasetClimatology time period
NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis 1948-present.
geopotential height, u-wind,v-wind, vector wind, omega,air temperature, potential temperature, SST, specific hum, rel humidity, slp, surface pressure, precipitable water, precipitation rate,runoff, soil mositure, streamfunction, velocity potential, divergence, vorticity, surface zonal momentum flux, surface meridional momentum flux, thickness.
NOAA extended reconstructed SST. 1854 to present. 1971-2000
CMAP (CPC Merged analysis of precipitation 1979-june 2003. 1979-2000
Palmer Drought Index 1860-1995 Not applic
MSU precipitation1979-Nov 1996. 1979-1995
ICOADS enhanced 2x2 1800-2005.
SST,Air Temperature,Clouds,U wind,V wind,Wind Speed,U wind stress,V wind stress
U of Delaware
Temperature, Precipitation to 1995.
NOAA Interpolated OLR.. 1979-1995

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