Data and Image Downloads

Web Browsing Utility

Our Archive Browser utility can be used to display data and images for both Active Sites and Inactive Sites, from which content can be manually saved to disk.

File Downloads

Selective data and image file downloads can be performed through HTTPS indexing in a web browser.

Batch data and image file downloads can be performed using an FTP client configured with PSL's anonymous FTP server information:

PROMPT>   ftp
User>   anonymous
Password>   "e-mail address"
FTPprompt>   cd psd2/data/realtime

Following the base-path location, /psd2/data/realtime, the directory heirarchy has a specific naming structure based on the following data and time elements:

LEVEL 1:   Instrument
LEVEL 2:   DataType
LEVEL 3:   SiteID
LEVEL 4:   Year
LEVEL 5:   DayOfYear

The available instruments, data types, sites, times, and data descriptions/formats can be accessed through the Site Inventory - Map utility. The path data elements (levels 1-3) for selected data and image types is as follows:

915 MHz Radar Wind Data:                    Radar915/WwWind/SiteID
915 MHz RASS Temperature Data:              Radar915/WwTemp/SiteID
915 MHz Radar Melting Level Data:           Radar915/BrightBand/SiteID
915 MHz Image Products:                     Radar915/Images/SiteID
449 MHz Radar Wind Data:                    Radar449/WwWind/SiteID
449 MHz RASS Temperature Data:              Radar449/WwTemp/SiteID
449 MHz Radar Melting Level Data:           Radar449/BrightBand/SiteID
449 MHz Image Products:                     Radar449/Images/SiteID
3 GHz Sband Moments Data:                   Radar3000/PopMoments/SiteID
3 GHz Sband Melting Level Data:             Radar3000/BrightBand/SiteID
3 GHz Sband Image Products:                 Radar3000/Images/SiteID

FMCW Snow Level Radar Moments Data:         RadarFMCW/PopMoments/SiteID
FMCW Snow Level Radar Melting Level Data:   RadarFMCW/BrightBand/SiteID
FMCW Snow Level Image Products:             RadarFMCW/Images/SiteID

Surface Meteorology Data:                   CsiDatalogger/SurfaceMet/SiteID
Surface Flux Data:                          CsiDatalogger/SurfaceFlux/SiteID
Surface Meteorology Image Products:         CsiDatalogger/Images/SiteID

OTT Parsivel Disdrometer Statistic Data:    DisdrometerParsivel/Stats/SiteID
Joss Disdrometer Statistics Data:           DisdrometerDistromet/DropSizeDistribution/SiteID
Yankee Total Precipitation Statistics Data: PrecipitationYankee/Stats/SiteID

Licor Gas Analyzer Raw Data:                GasLicor/Raw/SiteID
Licor Gas Analyzer Statistics Data:         GasLicor/Stats/SiteID
ATI Sonic Anemometer Raw Data:              SonicAti/Raw/SiteID
ATI Sonic Anemometer Statistics Data:       SonicAti/Stats/SiteID