Extracting Monthly Arctic Timeseries: Help

This page will extract time-series from monthly gridded analysis dataset for the nearest grid closest to the station selected
Select Station from list. Some stations may not be co-located with different datasets
Stations available are:
  1. Tiksi, Russia: 71.58N, 128.92E
  2. Summit, Greenland: 72.58, 321.52E
  3. Abisko, Sweeden: 68.35N, 18.81E
  4. Alert, Canada: 82.5017N, 62.3279W
  5. Barrow, Alaska: 71.323N, 156.609W
  6. Cherskii, Russia: 69.0N, 161E
  7. Eureka, Canada: 80.05N, 86.417W
  8. Ny-Aalesund, Norway: 78.91N, 11.88E
  9. Pallas&Sodenkyla, Finland: 67.37N, 26.65E
Select Dataset
  1. NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis monthly means INFO
  2. NCEP/DOE AMIP-II Reanalysis monthly means INFO
  3. NARR North American Regional Reanalysis INFO
Select Variable
(not all variables are in each dataset!)
  • Air Temperature
  • Geopotential Height
  • Zonal Wind
  • Meridional Wind
  • Omega
  • Specific Humidity
  • OLR
  • Precipitation
  • Ice
  • SST
  • Select Level
    1. 1000mb
    2. 925mb
    3. 850mb
    4. 700mb
    5. 600mb
    6. 500mb
    7. 400mb
    8. 300mb
    9. 250mb
    10. 200mb
    11. 150mb
    12. 100mb
    13. 50mb
    14. Surface (usually .995 sigma)
    Select Statistic
    1. Mean
    2. Anomaly from Monthly Long Term Mean
    3. Monthly Long Term Mean
    Select years for Long Term Mean
    This is optional. Years will default. You need to choose years that are in the dataset.
    Select Output Type?
    You can choose numeric values or a plot.