Greenland Blocking Index (GBI)

A measure of blocking over Greenland.

Postive sign of GBI: GBI plot

Calculation Method:
500mb geopotential height area averaged 60-80N, 280-340E from the daily averaged NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis (0,6,12 and 18Z).
Time Interval: Daily
Time Coverage: 1948-near present
Update Status: irregular
Get Data:
GBI Timeseries Units: meters
Index is calculated at NOAA/ESRL PSL.
Hanna, E. J. Jones, J. Cappelen, S.H. Mernild, L. Wood, K. Steffen and P. Huybrechts: The influence of North Atlantic atmospheric and oceanic forcing effects on 1900–2010 Greenland summer climate and ice melt/runoff. 30 March 2013. International Journal of Climatology. 33, Issue 4, 862–88.
Related Timeseries:
A monthly index will be available.
A daily and monthly GBI from the 20th Century Reanalysis will be available.
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