Directions for hourly time series generation page

Purpose: Creates 4 (or 8) times daily time series or create a file of dates from a dataset matching a specific criteria. Two gridded datasets are currently available: NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis and the 20th Century Reanalysis (V2) to extract values from.

  1. Select one of: a variable from the 20thC Reanalysis or a variable from the NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis.
  2. Select a level. Not all levels/variable combinations available.
  3. Choose variable and level. Choose "Surface" for non-pressure level variables. Also, chose a latitude and longitude. Use -90 to 90 and 0 to 360 for longitude.
  4. Chose year range. This is MANDATORY.
  5. Choose "get timeseries" or "get subset of dates". For subset, you will also need to choose a number of highest or lowest days or a value to test against (values include value, anomaly, standardized anomaly or percentile). Anomalies and percentiles are obtained based on the set of years you choose. You can choose "higher or lower than value compared against. For example, you can choose the top 10 highest 850mb zonal winds in Boulder, CO (40N,255E)for 1974-1975 and get:
    1975:04:28:00 11.8
    1974:01:15:00 12.2
    1975:12:01:00 12.2
    1975:03:24:00 12.4
    1975:11:11:00 12.4
    1975:11:11:00 12.7
    1975:12:01:00 12.8
    1974:01:15:00 12.9
    1975:10:08:00 13.0
    1975:03:23:00 13.1
    Or, you can get all the Boulder dates >=309K by selecting value and 309. Note that ties are not handled so you may not get all possible days returned though all of the returned days will be correct.
  6. Get values. Daily values output can be used on the daily composite page (

Comments: NCEP data is updated ~3 days behind current day. 20th Century V2c data covers 1851-2014.

To get data:

See PSL's gridded climate research data access.
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