WRIT: Time Section Plots Using Gridded Daily Data

Data Availability
  • Operational data are available from Jan 1, 1979 through 06/17/2024
  • R1 Reanalysis data are available from Jan 1, 1948 through 06/15/2024
  • 20CR Reanalysis V3 data are available on this page from Jan 1, 1836 through Dec 31, 2015
  • 20CR Reanalysis V2c data are available on this page from Jan 1, 1851 through Dec 31, 2012
  • Outgoing Longwave Radiation data are available from June 1, 1974 through 2022/12/31 .

(Default plot is Time-Longitude along the Equator with no area averaging)
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OR (For all datasets including 20CRV2c and 20CRv3)
Operational data begins in 1979, 20CRV2c in 1851, 20CRv3 is 1836

Dataset:   Operational  NCEP Reanalysis 20th Century Reanalysis V2c 20th Century Reanalysis V3  

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You may use the images produced from this page in publications, but we ask that you acknowledge us in this manner: Image provided by the NOAA Physical Sciences Laboratory, Boulder Colorado from their Web site at http://psl.noaa.gov/.

Additional Notes

  • Operational: All mean, anomaly, and climatology plots can be created. Pressure levels available: 1000, 850, 700, 500, 400, 300, 250, 200, 150, 100, 70, 50.
  • Reanalysis: No climatology for surface relative humidity, therefore no climatology or anomaly plots. All pressure levels plus surface are available.
  • Please report any errors to: psl.maproom@noaa.gov
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