Time Section Page: Instructions

  1. Choose variable.
  2. Choose level. Not all levels are available from the operational dataset.
  3. Choose date range. Note that reanalysis starts Jan 1 1948 and the operational jan 1 1979. Operational tends to be more updated. A very long time range (2 years or more) will take a long time to plot.
  4. Choose data type for all variables except OLR. Note that reanalysis is averaged from 4 times daily while the operational is averaged from 2x daily. There is also some missing (interpolated) data in the operational dataset.
  5. Chose mean, anomaly or climatology. Climo can only be plotted for 365 days. Anomaly time period for reanalysis is 1968-96. For operational, it is 19xx-xx..
  6. Choose time-longitude or Time-latitude type plot.
  7. Choose output type.
  8. Choose latitude range. For time/longitude, latitudes are averaged.
  9. Choose longitude range. For time/latitude, longitudes are averaged.You cannot currently cross 0E.
  10. You can override contour interval. Pick reasonable levels.
  11. The gif output size can be changed. Choose a value between 1 and 300% of default size.