Climate Experiment Forcings

The table below shows the forcings used in the climate experiments that are being made available through the FACTS website.

Experiment Identifiers Forcings1
Experiment Name2 File Name ID3 Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Sea Ice Greenhouse Gases (GHG) Ozone
AMIP with Observed Radiative Forcing amip_obs_rf Obs Obs Obs Obs
AMIP with 1880s Radiative Forcing amip_1880s_rf Obs Detrended to 1880 Present Climatology Past Climatology Past Climatology
AMIP with Natural History Forcing amip_nat_hist CMIP5-est15 CMIP5-est15 Past Climatology Past Climatology
AMIP with Climatological Radiative Forcing amip_clim_rf Obs Obs Present Climatology Present Climatology
AMIP with Observed Radiative Forcing, Climatological Sea Ice and Polar SST amip_clim_polar Obs/Present Climatology Present Climatology Obs Obs
Leading Pattern of Global SST Variabilty4 with Observed Radiative Forcing eof1_sst 1st EOF4 Obs Obs Obs
First 2 Leading Patterns of Global SST Variability4 with Observed Radiative Forcing eof1+eof2_sst 1st & 2nd EOF4 Obs Obs Obs
Large Ensemble LENS Coupled model Coupled model Obs/RCP8.5 Obs

1 Obs - Observed conditions, Present Climatology (varies by forcing, but generally some average conditions between 1981-2010), Past Climatology (1881-1910 climatology, or a specific pre-industrial date). See experiment descriptions for complete details.
2 Text for "experiment" global attribute in files
3 Experiment identifier in file and directory names
4 Leading Patterns are the first and second Empirical Orthogonal Functions (EOF) of Global monthly SST variability 1979-2011 (EOF1, EOF2)
5 Method described in: A benchmark estimate of the effect of anthropogenic emissions on the ocean surface.
6 CESM Large Ensemble Project