20th Century Reanalysis Monthly Composites

Plot seasonal composites (averages) of the mean or anomalies (mean - total mean) of variables from the 20th Century Reanalysis V2c and V3 reanalysis. 20th century reanalysis data is available from Jan 1851 to Dec 2014 for V2c and Jan 1836 to Dec 2015 for V3.

? Which variable? Level? Version? 20CRV3 20CRV2c
? Beginning month of season: Ending month:
? Enter years for composites (from 1 to 16): e.g. 1972. For seasons that span a year (e.g. DJF), please enter year of the LAST month.

To subtract one set of years from another, use a minus sign (-) before the years that are to be subtracted.

? OR Enter range of years: to (optional minus to )
? OR List of years: Enter filename:
? OR Years from values in Time Series:

If CUSTOM Time Series:

? Value to composite on:

Type of comparison:

? Lag: Plot composites for months before or after dates chosen
? Color? Shading:
? Plot type? Mean Anomaly Long Term Mean
? Ensemble Statistic? Ensemble Average Ensemble Spread
? Scale plot size (%)   Plot contour labelshaded? No Yes
? Reverse colorbar? No Yes
? Override default contour interval? Interval: Range: low high
? Map projection

If CUSTOM projection:
Lowest lat: (-90 to 90) Highest lat:
Western-most longitude (0 to 360): Eastern-most longitude:
CUSTOM projection:

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