Subdaily 20thC Reanalysis Data Composites

Plot maps or composites of variables from the 20th Century Reanalysis dataset. Data is available from Jan 1836 to 2015 for (20CRV3) and from Jan 1851 to 2014 for (20CRV2c).

Variables Analysis level? Version? 20CRV3 20CRV2c
Enter Year, Month and Day and Hour(0,6,12,18z) for composites
For example, 1999 1 1 18 (Don't type in the z). To subtract one set of days from another, use a minus sign (-) before the years of the days that are to be subtracted. Default is last available date for variable.
OR to Enter Year of last day of range
OR File with Dates Optional Plot Label replaces list of dates with title of your choice.
Hours to add or subtract:(optional)
This number of days will be added (or subtracted) from all input dates. Please use all positive dates for input.
Alternative Plot Label:(optional)
Color? Shading Type
Plot type? Mean Anomaly
Output Type? Ensemble Mean Ensemble Spread
Scale Plot Size(%) Plot contour labels?No Yes
Vector Winds: Plot every nth arrow in x and y (default 2)
Override default contour interval ? Interval: Range: lowhigh Scale vectors
Region of globe
Enter lowest lat (-90 to 90) Highest lat
Enter western most longitude (0 to 360) Eastern most longitude
Choose projection for CUSTOM:
Choose height range for CROSSECTION: to
State boundaries No Yes

This is a Research and Development Application