Access and Analyze Daily Weather/Climate Time Series

Improved! This web-tool extracts time-series from different datasets, extracts various climate/ocean/atmosphere timeseries, and extracts dates from those time series that can be used in examining weather and climate events. These dates can be saved and used in the daily composite web page to investigate climate/weather events.

The 20CRv3 dataset is now available from 1806!

Time Series Selection
Pregenerated Stations NCEP Reanalysis 1 (1948 to pressent)
20thC V3 (1806-2015) 20thC V2C (1851-2014) NCLIM CONUS (1951 to 2022)
ERA-5 (1940 to present)
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Instructions: Select variable/level or pregenerated time series. Page will obtain dates that correspond to a criteria you supply. You can limit the selection to a set or range of years and a particular season. Note that ERA-5 data will time out if more than 10 years are specified.