Webpage Issues and changes

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  1. 06/21/16: For single year composites of seasons that extended over Dec, the year referred to the 1st year of the season and not the last. This has been corrected.
  2. 07/07/15: Monthly means for ERA-20C had issue where monthly means started one day earlier each month for each year. Values have been correct. There is no change to January values and the most change to Dec.
  3. 07/06/15: Units for some specific humidity plots said g/g but should have been g/kg. Plotted values were correct.
  4. 06/26/15: MERRA updated through Apr 2015 for most variables
  5. 04/13/2015: MERRA updated through Feb 2015 for most variables
  6. 04/13/2015: MERRA: problem discovered for Jul 2014 monolevel values. Grid "corrupted". Now replaced
  7. 04/07/2015: MERRA precipitable water added
  8. 2/15/2013: Latitudes and longitudes were being rounded to nearest integer upon entry. They now are floats.
  9. 2/15/2012: NetCDF output now includes much more metadata.
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