PSL Funtastic Science Talks

Funtastic Science. Four-panel image showing 1) a NOAA ship and airplane, 2) a lobster, 3) polar bears, and 4) the sun and clouds

Informal Presentations for Kids

Living at the North Pole

Polar scientist Taneil Uttal tells what it was like to live and work from a ship frozen in the Arctic ice.

Life as a Lobster

Climate scientist Mike Alexander shares fun facts about these ocean creatures.

Boulder's Wild Weather

Data 'guru' and weather enthusiast Cathy Smith talks about weather and related extremes in this region.

The Buzz about Bees (& other Pollinators)

Learn about these little creatures with a big job from researcher Don Murray, who is also a beekeeper.

Studying Hurricanes from a Plane w/no Pilot

The Global Hawk uncrewed aircraft
Coming Soon: Researcher Gary Wick talks about studying really big storms using airplanes with no one onboard.

Everyone is an Amateur Asronomer

Meteorologist and amateur astronomer George Kiladis shows us some things in the night sky you can see with your eyes, binoculars, or small telescope.

Ocean Robots

Researcher Elizabeth Thompson shows us a variety of special machines that scientists are using to study the ocean.

Weather Watching Fun

A person with an umbrella walking outside during a winter storm
Coming Soon: Learn more about weather and making observations from your own yard with scientist Andy Hoell.