ESRL/PSD Seminar Series

The Climate Change-Decision Support System: A Web-Based System for Water Managers and Planners

Brian Ashe
Manager of Business Development, Riverside Technologies, Inc.


Riverside will present a briefing and demonstration of their Climate Change Decision Support System (CC-DSS). The aim of the CC-DSS, which was supported by a NOAA SBIR, is to provide a web-based system for widespread and low-cost access to tools used in generating scenarios of future water managers to rapidly assess the impact of projected climate change on natural flows at critical nodes along a river network. The system uses various IPCC driven global climate models that have been downscaled to basin scales to drive calibrated hydrologic models.

Wednesday, June 16 2011

SECURITY: If you are coming from outside the NOAA campus, you must stop at the Visitor Center to obtain a vistor badge. Please allow 10 extra minutes for this procedure. If you are a foreign national coming from outside the NOAA campus, please contact Barbara Herrli (303-497-3876) for information on access requirements.

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